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    double bump

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    Triple bump!!!!

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    Hey there! Sorry for the delay in getting a response to you. I sent off a bug report, and testing request for this particular issue.

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    Thank you!!

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    I can supply any information about my computers build if requested, I should also note I have tried uninstalling the game and downloading it from steam instead an received the same result. Will try the game on with my account on another pc tomorrow to troubleshoot if there is any corruption.

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    A possible reason for the bug may be because you rebind the key to something else. When I rebind bombs to mouse scroll, they will only be thrown in one direction as well.

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    You use a macro?

    On the video i don't see the skill bar so i can't say for sure.
    i can reproduce it via macro but not when i click 1.

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    It happens when I press 1 on my mouse its a corsair scimitar. The bug doesn't happen when I key bind it to anything on the keyboard only on the gaming mouse.

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