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Thread: Change Forum Name?

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    Change Forum Name?

    Im wondering, isnt your forum name supposed to link up with your In-Game name? Or is there some way to change my Forum Name?

    I changed my In-Game name and I want my Forum name to match it.

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    You can change your forum name by changing your glyph account name, which requires you to submit a support ticket requesting a name change.
    Unfortunately in order to complete your name change you'll need to provide an insane amount of information about your account (security questions, payment information, the exact date your account was created, etc.) in order for them to "verify ownership". This is the first game company I've stumbled across that has managed to turn a simple name-change into a suspected security breach and potential account break-in.

    So let me know how that works out for you...
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    or you could ask Fasti, cause I'm going to do that now.

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