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Thread: Hey NumbSkull, Do You Feel Numb Yet?

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    Red face Hey NumbSkull, Do You Feel Numb Yet?

    I am referring the title of 'Numbskull' to everyone who has played more than 50 days x 24 hours.

    I've played 72 days x 24 hours and come to the conclusion that concussion can be obtained from spending too many real lifetime hours in one place. And whilst at best I try to see Trove as entertainment in conclusion it is a 'time-warp' with unreachable and addictive results.

    This may serve as a warning to anybody under the 50 days but well into making it their longest played game in their life. That isn't an achievement its a disgrace and I'm ashamed that I allowed myself to be subdued into this fantasy realm that absorbed so many hours I cant redeem. This game beats you to a pulp and lets you down so ungracefully.

    WARNING WARNING WARNING > Trove is very addictive because it subliminally feeds you consistent needs just to satisfy your desire to continue playing. It does this by setting up weekly tasks you need to complete regularly to get enough resources to build your Character's PR. Power Rank is the primary factor that drives Trove. If you understand the concept of Slot Machine design in Casino Games, the Casino always wins even by a small margin it keeps you satisfied and focuses on drawing your attention to staying playing its content and it is the same in Trove. That is fact.

    It is not a free game. Yes you play for free but despite your needs it has formulated a set of rules that will require many hours of game play just to meet the basic game foundations which are a necessity to build PR. I payed and played Premium over several months which accounts for real $ money going into collecting more resources during game play for XP and PR building at a faster rate but that is all you get. This is where you can burn wealth for personal satisfaction in a subdued fantasy and in return because you don't own your content, changes to the game are going to affect that value of wealth you have used versus in-completion or setting a new benchmark or challenges. It is a lead on that entices you to continue playing but in actual reality you are being conned to think you will be successful. You wont because the premise of this game is to make money from its players over a long period.

    The main reason I write this thread is to warn you to observe Trove from a distance. It is not your friend. It is a business entity that can suck you in to thinking you are having a good time and you'll believe it in all its fantasy of complex gaming whilst you become a Numbskull like me. End result; You cant blame anyone except yourself for your indulgence.

    I sought advice and as a precaution I am deleting my entire game from my console permanently because it doesn't need to be in my life and I prefer to experience the real world for all the crap it throws at me its a better environment than what Trove could ever present.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timebomb View Post
    It is a business entity
    This is actually probably the wisest part of your entire post. I feel that a lot of people tend to forget about this piece in some games, especially Trove.

    It can be extremely dangerous to get too monetarily involved in a game. Stay wary and track your expenses, don't let a simple online game run your bank account dry!
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    Clearly you did not have a good responsibility / entertainment time balance.
    Which happens to all of us from time to time in our life.
    Glad you see this and are working on this. Great warning for people who just don't understand you can spend to much time doing a thing. Could be TV, golf or the one handed shuffle.

    That being said you can ofcourse spend more money then you planned trying to keep up with your peers. This can be a fancy car you don't need or in a p2p game. It's all the same.

    Deleting trove is not your fix though. You playing trove in moderation and only spending your allocated entertainment funds and teaching yourself you have that set of skills to regulate and limit yourself to a heathy level is what you should be doing.

    Deleting trove will not change your behavior, you'll just repeat this somewhere else as your blaming trove not self reflecting.

    But what do I know....

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    I remember when I played trove 3 years ago on pc. It was very fun, there was not really much to do but it just felt rewarding. I would play a few hours a day at first, then when they introduced hourly challenges, It began, I played about 5 hours every day and woke up at night to log in and complete them, But then I finaly realized that I was addicted, I had reached 300 mastery without spending money, I quit about 1 month after shadow tower was introduced and sold my account for 50$. And now Again I am addicted, and I spent 35$ so far and have reached 300 mastery.

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