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Thread: Bug: Pirate Main-/Subclass

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    Bug: Pirate Main-/Subclass

    Hello everyone,

    at first sorry for possible mistakes in this text, English is not my mother language.

    I think I found a bug with the pirate class: At this moment my basic magic find is 100 on every char. When I choose the pirate sub class with any other class, it gives me additional 50 magic find (as described in the class text, also shown in the stats). But when I choose the pirate as main class, the description of the class is still the same (+50 magic find), but in the stats there are only 100 magic find shown.

    If the main class doesn't get it's own benefits (which I doubt), then the description is misleading. Otherwise it's a bug. Please have a look at this.

    The second thing: In the patch notes was written that the effect of the dracolyte subclass corresponds with physical damage (whitch is unlogical). But when this is still true, the description of the subclass should contain this. Or does the flame effect now work with magical and physical damage?

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    Your selected class cannot get the affect of itself as a subclass. This was mentioned in the patch notes.

    The devs idea was that they wanted magic damage-based classes to have physical damage as their subclass bonus. I personally don't understand the idea behind it and hope that it gets switched around, but it is intentional and not a bug.
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