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Thread: Fragment Drop Suggestion

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    Fragment Drop Suggestion

    I do realize that the new dragons are supposed to be rare, however at this rate you will need about 500k-1m harvests to get them. and even after getting one It doesnt really feel rewarding as you need 4 more to get your lovely dragon. and at this rate it would take you more than a month to get a single dragon unless you can hunt more than 12 hours a day and has a willpower to not stay bored within that time.

    my suggestion is not to make it easier to drop but instead reduce the fragments needed from 5 to 2
    the reason why I suggested this is because it encourages players to actually hunt for them rather than just giving up and buying golden eggs instead. and if you get one, you would be encouraged to continue because you only need 1 more rather than 4. even if it takes you a week to hunt one of them at least you are making progress

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    Something similar has already been suggested but with emphasis on higher droprates but increased fragments needed to craft. You can find the thread here.
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