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Thread: Joining friends?

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    Joining friends?

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but a friend and i have been trying to join each others game, but for some reason we cant, we both have the same version, both ps4, only thing is, different countries, that shouldnt matter though, right?

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    Actually that does matter. You might be set to a specific reason and therefore cannot "see" each other in-game. Try making sure that your region is the same and then try again.
    (It also might be a good idea to send in a support ticket as I actually have no clue if that's the real problem. Support should be able to help a lot more than me!)
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    Ps4 has two versions right?
    UK and Other?

    I hear of people having these two versions for other reasons but never asked if the versions where able to play together.

    I'm in Canada but now that I think about it. I only play with people from USA and Canada everyday.

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