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Thread: Some Suggestions For Eclipse

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    Some Suggestions For Eclipse

    1) In order to maintain the importance of empowered gems, make the rolls have a higher range than lesser gems. Ex: 3-stat stellar empowered gem has a minimum initial roll of 600.

    2a) Add more portals to shadow tower foyer

    2b) Load players into shadow tower foyers by power rank range. Or possibly link all shadow tower foyer chat/portals together or add an improved pvp-esque queue interface to facilitate better group finding.

    3) Bring back the megalithic fix to fae passive wherein non-enemy damage did not affect passive

    4) Knight subclass bonus does not affect Dino Tamer ultimate. It should. The Dino Tamer should also be able to use wings to fly while using the ultimate.

    5) Buff fae passive to facilitate final value of 130 flight speed, in order to compete with the currently superior knight passive to mounted movement speed.

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    1) Empowered gems used to be awesome. They were guaranteed great gems. Since the update, I have opened almost 1000 shadow gem boxes, with patron active, and gotten 15 empowered gems. Every single empowered gem had power rank in the 300’s. I didn’t get a single lesser gem with less than 400 power rank. If empowered gems didn’t hold a special place in my heart from pre-eclipse, I would think they were garbage. I think the rolls can be reworked to keep that omg-this-changes-everything feeling that empowered gems can give, while still allowing for some randomness in their stats. If old empowered gems are indeed capable of reaching the same max values through forging as newly rolled ones (I've heard evidence and arguments in both directions) it would take somewhere between 6 months and 2.5 years to upgrade them to max stats. They used to be at 700 power rank with 3 stats, but max was, and still is, 600 power rank on the lesser stellar gems. This will keep the wow factor of empowered gems for future generations.

    2a) shadow tower foyer is really really cool. however with only three portals, each of which is locked to a difficulty level, it is impossible to get into the tower level and floor that you want. the needs of a hard mode 1-4 group are much different than the needs of a hard mode 5-6 group, on top of the new longer times to complete all the floors of a single difficulty. this is why every social club has a shadow tower room with several (12-ish normally, but it depends on the club) portals. that way, everyone can get their shadow tower needs met without interfering with others.

    2b) at 15k, I fought with a group all the way through ultra 1-4. it was lots of fun. I doubt I can find a group that will let me into ultra 5-6, but I wanted to try to re-do those first 4 floors. I spent a few hours re-loading the shadow tower foyer, looking for 15k people to make a team. but with only 8 people on average in the foyer, this was impossible. I found 20k people saying they were looking for a 20k group to get through 5-6, and 10k and below people asking me to carry them through hard 5-6. we need a way to get all the foyers in together. perhaps a system similar to (but dear god not the same as) the PVP arena queue (btw, can you add in the ability to, like, access market place or chat, or check our inventory, or anything to occupy our time during that loading screen?). This will also help reduce the number of people begging for carries. How is a 10k player going to carry another 10k player? They’ll be forced to group instead.

    3) love the buffs to the fae (i played the fae pre-eclipse, I will continue playing it post-eclipse). And thank you so much for making glitter bombs impact enemies again. However, I see that you rolled back an improvement that was in megalithic, where now traps and non-enemy related damage removes the passive again. Can we have that fixed?

    4) The knight passive does not affect the Dino-Tamer ultimate mount. I assume this is a bug, or else the Dino Tamers dungeon clearing ability is even more limited than it was before. I mean everyone else, even Dracolyte, can use mounts/wings while in ultimate. but the Dino Tamer cannot. I mean seriously, can we please fly in it? I just cleared a dungeon with my ultimate active, so now I have to fall to the ground outside the dungeon instead of flying to the next one….. so annoying.

    5) sub-classes. AWESOME! I have a personal favorite already, the lunar lancer. seems to have the highest damage boost of all.... by a lot. even on magic damage classes. I suspect that some balancing may still be needed on these, but we will have to wait for some enthusiastic gamer for that data. I do have one concern, however. Wings have always been faster than mounts, but the knight passive allows mounts to far exceed flight speed with the fae trickster passive. I feel this could use a buff. Otherwise, everyone will take the knight for the increased flask AND best movement speed when dungeoneering.

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    Love this pile of suggestions! Would be great to see some of these added to the game.

    Added to my suggestion thread! (Only if it's OK with you Archaic?)
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