I made 5 superior builders focus and used them on a gem that had rolled 2x into magic damage and 1x into critical damage. I wasn't paying attention to the stats only what the bench told me the result should be so I didn't notice that it wasn't actually changing the stats right away. I attempted the augmentation on Aug 22, 2017, 5:40 Pm Eastern (approximate time) this was just shortly after I was finally able to log on and there were several people stating that there were issues with the gem forge.
I would like a refund of the materials and Flux that was wasted by a glitch, totals out to be 750k Flux, 150 dragonite and 15 Titan souls. If this was one if the cheaper upgrades that had failed I probably wouldn't be pressing the issue aside from making a report that it has occurred. However that is a lot of materials and Flux that I've lost.

Edit: Also on a side note I would like it if the GM's you have responding to tickets worked on their ability to stay on topic, for example when I submitted this exact issue as a ticket the reply I received was something to the effect of "Oh what an awesome suggestion, we are working hard on making this the best game ever and your feedback is appreciated please post any further suggestions on the forums so our development team can see them" Like seriously does my issue stated above sound anything like a suggestion to you? Maybe try not to copy paste replies so much and actually read what a person is ticketing about might be good. There's a suggestion.