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    Shadow Tower Difficulty

    Greetings Trovians,

    With the Eclipse update we added a big batch of awesome new Shadow Tower rewards. To keep in line with the new loot we’ve increased the difficulty of enemies in the Shadow Tower.

    New Rewards
    Defeating the Daughter of the Moon grants Despoiled Divinity. Save up enough and you can pick up a brand new legendary dragon, Olhukoi, the Moonlit Muse.

    You can also use Despoiled Divinity to purchase all new costumes for each of Trove's 15 classes.

    More new items are also available for Hearts of Darkness (collected from Shadow Caches). All of these HoD items can be traded to friends or sold on the Marketplace! Heart of Darkness items include 4 mounts, 4 allies, 4 costumes, a sail, a boat, and a mag rider.

    We've also added 13 all new rewards that are purchasable with Titan Souls. These new items include even more allies, sails, and costumes.

    Defeating the Shadow Tower bosses directly can earn you gorgeous new mounts such as the Hewn Hydrakken Head, Hydrasnek, or Dreadnought Mk I Prototype!

    Increased Difficulty
    The difficulty of the newly updated Shadow Tower also brings challenge back to the end game. It shouldn’t be a trivial matter to solo clear the toughest content in the game in a few seconds.

    Having tougher enemies in the Shadow Tower encourages players to group up. Also, using the Gem Forging system to power up your best gems will help add a ton of power and make things much easier over time. Less than 24 hours after the Eclipse update and well over 1,000 Trovians have successfully beaten Ultra mode Daughter of the Moon.

    Leaving out the patch note that called out this change was not intentional and it has been added to the patch notes now.
    • To fit with the new and improved Shadow Tower rewards we've increased the challenge to match. Players that were previously able to solo Daughter of the Moon on Ultra will now want to consider running with a group or starting on Hard mode. -Note added on 8/22[/*]
    We’re discussing this oversight internally to make sure something similar doesn’t happen in the future.

    This change is very new and it will likely take players some time to get used to running the Shadow Tower in groups again. We’ll evaluate the difficulty over the coming weeks as players adjust to working with ST teams and get newly updated gems. If things aren't where we want them to be we'll work on finding the best path forward.

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    My concern is the steep climb to get into ST. Limiting people who can't get more than one empowered gem a week until they hit 15k~ power rank seems extreme.

    Ultra DOTM (Pre-Eclipse) required a team around 15k~ to complete unless they are a strong group which they can get by with 13k~ and a lot of time. Right now you're giving people who are just hitting 2.5k PR the hope that they can complete something that took a group of 15k+ to do prior to the update. It's false-hope and I don't think you should even allow users to attempt a floor until they have an actual chance. I don't believe that is the way to introduce new people to STs.

    ST's are also off balance. Hard Hydra, DD, and DOTM are harder than Ultra SW/Weeping. That also seems off since the PR requirements for Ultra SW/WP are higher than the others.

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    I think the bigger frustration this has caused has to do more so with the inaccurate information players are given through the ST UI relating PR requirements than simply that it was designed to be more difficult. At the current moment, the PR requirements given in-game do not even remotely come close to reflect a successful completion of any difficulty.

    When information is given in-game, officially from you guys, players expect with absolute certainty that what's said has to be by design and they will take that very seriously.

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    i agree with spar. um is not the problem (except the 1hitting basic attack of DD). the main problem is the lower difficulties being too hard for newer players. it scares them away from the game, and getting stronger is very hard for them.
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    i like it how it is now, was waay too easy before.

    If anything is too hard it's gathering those dragon fragments..

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    I'm sorry but balancing around the top .5% isn't ok. Yes, people are beating the new ultra, the same people that did before and in the same groups as before. Nothing changed here. What changed is that giving Ultra damage mitigation to hard mode and hard mode health to normal mode for DD and DOTM kicks players in the teeth. That's gating off progress to players until they are at the point that progress doesn't matter.

    At this rate, someone can't get an empowered gem until well after 2.5k pr, because that's the bare minimum you'll be able to take into normal DOTM, even in a group, and finish it. For hard? A group of 15ks with good gems will struggle. This isn't "incentivizing group play" or "making the difficulty reflect the rewards". The old difficulty did that. This incentivizes never helping new players, only running with the best teams. This makes new players give up on trying to progress, because they'll never get to the level it needs to begin their progression. I've been telling so many friends that this update could solve their gen rng issues, but they can't even complete hard mode at 10k pr to try. There is no reward when you can't even try.

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    I think normal ST difficuly is ridiculous right now for new players. Darknik boss has 422M hp in 'normal' ST difficulty let alone how a lot of mobs hit for 50k-100k what kind of 700-5000 PR player has that kind of health and damage to deal with new ST normal difficulty?

    Ultra difficulty is in perfect place (PR requirement is wrong needs a lot more PR)
    Hard difficulty didn't test
    Normal difficulty needs A LOT of balance changes to it

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    normal mode insanity

    I just ran my 15.8k knight that I'm attempting to get to level 30 through normal mode shadow towers. All I can say is that when DOTM killed me through death defying vials today I was in utter disbelief. Some serious changes need to be made to the normal mode and some tweaks to hard mode are definitely necessary.
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    Tried hard mode DD. 7 of us @ approx 18k PR couldnt get him half way before everyone was dead.

    Until then I could solo 1-4 on hard mode no issues.

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    The problem with all of this is that no devs/community manager has commented on the ridiculous difficulty of the ONE fun thing to do at high PR. ADD DIFFICULTIES if you want more end-game stuff, but to mess so badly with the existing difficulty is absurd. They lost me as a player, but i keep popping in here to see how they will deal with this nightmare, and so far, they've not even addressed our concerns. Sad, but this game has been dying a while now, and this patch will be the final straw for a LOT more people. They are time-gating and using hp/super damage to buff things, and as a long-time MMO veteran, that is the absolute worst direction to go. Add fun mechanics that force people to work together or neat mob abilities, don't just dump 1 billion HP and 700k hits on a mob and call it "good work" because surely anyone with half a brain can do those things.

    As a player since beta, you all should have done better, not force me to leave. Shame on you, devs.

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