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Thread: Sound bug

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    Exclamation Sound bug

    I have noticed lately that the sound eventually becomes buggy and cuts out after playing for awhile or while the frame rate is low. I suspected it to be my mic which is already broken, but upon multiple test on my Xbox home sound working and also hearing it off the TV volume itself I have concluded it to be the game. Mainly happens while I'm roaming Uber worlds for awhile or recently after the update, the Darknik Dreadnaught seems to bug the sound out. Closing the app and restarting it does work to fix the issue, but changing worlds, etc. doesn't fix the issue.

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    This audio bug has been in since beta. It has been reported MANY times and they refuse to fix it. It can be caused by several of the character costumes (the mecha dracolyte for one) and most recently Darknik Dreadnought shadow tower boss.

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