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    Higher loot change would be really good. Maybe chance to drop dragon egg fragment not only from ores/
    designated enemies but also from dungeon chest/all enemies on similar biome to it? Example:

    Ice Dragon Egg = Permafrost
    Kami Dragon Egg Fragment = Neon City
    Iridescent Dragon Egg Fragment = Medieval Highland/High Land/Leafy Archipelago (on all 3 biomes you can find shapestone, formicite, infinium etc)
    Spinner Dragon Egg Fragment = Fae Forest/Magical Atoll
    Flora Dragon Egg Fragment = <No idea here>
    Preserver Dragon Egg Fragment = Jurassic Jungle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tortorion View Post
    Flora Dragon Egg Fragment = <No idea here>
    It would be nice if it could spawn in all world in Peacefull biome, as a non-aggressive boss (It would only attack you if you attack it)

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    I did not sprinkle on the last day of any part of the egg for the last day

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    Did 200 shadow chest and first karma bar was a drag frag. Thought this would be a good rate but then again rng. Nothing else yet ill guess after a month would get somewhere

    Seems average is 140 per given I open a set of 70 every once in a while to let rng work better at 22 as of 4/11
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    I'm liking the karma idea but I also see where the devs are coming from. They are wanting to have us slowly gain these fragments over a month's+ time, but the issue is that some of these fragment just will not be stumbled across in normal gameplay even after a long period of time without explicitly trying to get them.

    What would probably be a more fleshed-out idea would be as follows:
    - Iridescent Dragon Egg Fragments for Baesmuth, the Shaper's Gift, can currently be found randomly while mining. This is perfectly fine as long as all ores have a chance of dropping the fragment. Late-game players tend to not go out of their way to mine rarer ores but instead will occasionally bomb deposits near dungeons.

    - Spinner Dragon Egg Fragments for Rachnaphon, the Silent Spectator, are found as a rare drop from spiders in the Fae Forest biome right now. What would be a better idea is to have a rare chance from all fae-based enemies, removing the need to seek out specific enemies in the fae biome. This change isn't super-critical as you will still be able to progress towards this dragon just by adventuring, but having a rare drop from a specific enemy just adds another level of RNG that is unecessary.

    - Floral Dragon Egg Fragments for Petallura, Nature's Beckoning, can be found randomly from planted harvests (updated to Sunlight Bulbs). This is the dragon that needs the most change from where fragments are dropped from. Once people are finished with the planting profession there is no need to continue to farm sunlight bulbs unless you are looking for extra flux or for planting in your club. Gathering these are not a part of regular gameplay, especially with such a low droprate. A better idea would be to have a rare chance of dropping from any natural plant found in any biome (mushrooms, grass, flowers, etc.). People are more likely to run over these while adventuring rather than stumbling across, and farming, sunlight bulbs.

    - Ice Dragon Egg Fragments for Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride, can be found while mining ice shards in the Permafrost biome. Having rare dragon fragments restricted to an already rare ore that hardly anyone goes out of their way to mine, much less be able to find, is absurd. If wanting to stick to the ice theme then make this a rare drop from killing enemies in the permafrost biome. People are much more likely to come across a Permafrost biome and fight the enemies in there while running dungeons, rather than searching for ice shards.

    Any dragon that wasn't mentioned currently drops from things that you are likely to stumble across or interact with while adventuring. The droprates, while insanely low, are set to draw out the creation of these dragons for quite some time which is perfectly fine. But having crazy low fragment drops from items that you are almost never going to be interacting with on a regular basis seems like a bad idea.

    I feel that if these changes were implemented (or something similar) than people wouldn't have as much of a gripe with current droprates (though I don't speak for everyone).
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    If I invest 20+ hours into hardcore farming I wanna be rewarded for it. Thats it. Period. Who knows how many hours I will spend farming without getting a single fragment. Maybe another 20? maybe 40? It is a mystery. Enough with this rng thing, reward people for their hard work. Simple as that.

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    Thumbs up

    Ive been mining 14hours 175k ores and i gotten NONE!!

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    Not everyone is a 10yr old kid with 24h of the day free to play your game..

    Pathetic and lazy game decisions. Make them world bosses at the very least so it is actually fun to farm them in teams. Dragon coins should be the main issue not the other materials that a dragon requires. Not everything needs to be so RNG that it pisses people off. Not everyone has all day for that. Some of us have work and life stuff to do.

    There ya go constructive criticism.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Newdestroy View Post
    I really like these ideas. Most of your ideas here remove the double layers of RNG that come from having to find a certain type of monster/ore, and then get lucky on the fragment.

    Overall, I feel like I am not being rewarded at all for the dozen or so hours of farming I've done this patch trying to get them, which is really discouraging for myself, and it seems like many players.
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    The people have spoken take your 0.01% and bump it to 0.1% simple easy fix.

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