This game started as a fun little mmorpg where I could kill stuff and build stuff. With the most recent addition to this game, I'm pretty much on the edge of quitting.

- The new dragons are nearly impossible to obtain without spending 50 euros per dragon (!!!) as everything is untradeable and has an extremely low drop rate. Farming for several hours has yielded absolutely nothing.
- The new Shadow Tower is a very unpleasant experience, the other topic has enough information about that.
- The indirect nerf of my power. As you buffed everything inside the Shadow Tower, you made my character indirectly weaker. I grind for over a year to get where I am and now it's pretty much useless as the only available endgame content requires even more power now. I wouldn't mind this if it was new content but it is not, it's old content being taken away from me. What's left now? U9 farming?
- Time gates, so many more time gates. There are so many time gates at this point that it feels like a mobile game.

I stopped spending money about 6 weeks ago, when the counter almost reached 2300 euros (most of it pre MoP). I can no longer justify spending money on a game that has unstable servers, time gates, unrealistic grinds & making long term achievements obsolete by nerfing them. This patch has been very disappointing.