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    Exclamation Shadow Tower too difficult

    ** Page 25 for my huge feedback post**

    3 mil hp tank... getting one shot by a mini floor boss....

    i think you guys made ultra a Little over kill.....

    Anyone else agree post your comments below

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    10k pr required for dreadnaught... LMAO you cant even do this with a 3 mil hp tank.... GG trion... you just messed up end game big time....

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    its insane poeple have already give up trying to do them you dont seee many groups trying. 2mil hp one shooted left and right its really misssed up i can only guess that 24k player have a chance of evevn coming close.

    We need to flood let thme know or ultra is dead for must players

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    Dread UM is literally impossible for casual players. we had a group of all 20k and we still died several times. They need to nerf this guy lel

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    The whole ST got way harder, dont matter which difficult. Normally I rush solo through normal and hard mode, with hard mode bosses take their time but arent really a problem.

    Now even normal ST takes a lot of time and is partially harder then the old hard mode!

    Oh and dont know whether this is intended but the Dread-thing got a hard to dodge oneshot mechanic (big red circle on ground and only one edge of the room is free). Took me several solo trys on normal to get him down and then only cause I got lucky and he didnt use it once.

    Why this hard buffs? So player who start to play cant do ST any more? Cause of the new power we will get with the patch? In my opinion a small buff around 30% would have been enough, but no have to be X00%...

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    I just think it's funny, the top purple names next week will be people who can't get the despoiled divinity.

    And it's great, NOWHERE in the patch notes did it say anything about buffing shadow towers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti
    Shadow Tower Foyer
    Players entering the Shadow Tower via the Atlas spawn into the new Shadow Tower Foyer:
    The foyer contains three separate platforms indicating desired difficulty level, allowing players to easily find other adventurers to partner with. The platforms may or may not also provide random pools to fish in.
    Entering the foyer automatically adds players to the "ShadowTower" chat channel. Leaving the foyer automatically removes them.
    Players entering the Shadow Tower via a portal now have the option of entering the tower directly or heading first to the foyer.
    Shadow Hydrakken
    The fearsome Shadow Hydrakken has awakened on the Shadow Tower’s fourth floor! This ancient, multi-headed beast spews vile acid on its foes--talk about morning breath!
    Watch out for parasites!
    Hisssssssssssss. Don't heck with him. 5x Wall Snek.
    Darknik Dreadnought
    The Darknik Dreadnought, Dr. Darknik's latest mechanical machination, now guards the fifth floor of the Shadow Tower. A battle robot bristling with armaments, it’s ready to give Trovian invaders a very, VERY warm welcome!
    You won't like him when he's angry.
    Adventurers wishing to avoid their curtain call had best employ a better defense than Cubic Curtain.

    Additional Shadow Tower Updates
    Daughter of the Moon has relocated to her new penthouse on the sixth floor of the Shadow Tower.
    Higher-quality keys can now be used to open Shadow Vaults. Moon Keys can open Normal and Hard Shadow Vaults, while Eclipse Keys can open Normal, Hard, and Ultra Shadow Vaults.
    Titan and Lunar Souls now drop from Shadow Vaults instead of being directly awarded after defeating a Shadow Titan.
    Daughter of the Moon now drops a new resource called Despoiled Divinity in addition to Lunar Souls. One Despoiled Divinity can be earned for each Shadow Tower difficulty, up to a maximum of 3 per week.
    Many new rewards have been added to the Shadowy Market for Hearts of Darkness, Titan Souls, Lunar Souls, and Despoiled Divinity.
    The amount of Flux dropped from Titan's Treasures has been significantly reduced.
    The number of Titan Souls dropped by Shadow Titans has been adjusted as follows:
    Spikewalker Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/2/3
    Weeping Prophet Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/2/3
    Vengeful Pinata God Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/3/5
    Shadow Hydrakken Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/3/5
    Darknik Dreadnought Mk II Normal/Hard/Ultra: 1/3/5
    Previously, explosions only damaged Shadow Titans if they occurred near the center of the Titan. This bug has been fixed, and explosions now damage Shadow Titans if they hit any part of them.
    Elite enemies can now spawn in the Shadow Tower. Each drops a guaranteed Shadow Shard, with a chance for one extra shard in Hard mode and two extra shards in Ultra.
    An assortment of new enemies have migrated to the Shadow Tower.
    Shields no longer prevent being killed by the Daughter of the Moon's one-shot attack.
    Elemental worlds now drop Shadow Key Fragments, Moon Key Fragments, and Eclipse Key Fragments. These all have a chance to drop from clearing 1-star and 3-star dungeons, similar to how gem boxes currently drop in Prime Worlds. Patron status gives two such chances (which may result on any given chest as 0, or 1, or 2 of the drops that a Prime World chest of the same Uber level would drop.)
    Prime Worlds now drop more Shadow Key Fragments, Moon Key Fragments, and Eclipse Key Fragments. 1-star Dungeons will see their drops increased by approximately 50%, while 3-star dungeons will see their drops increased by variable amounts. Patron status doubles such drops.
    Leaving things out of official patch notes is INCREDIBLY poor form, especially something like this.

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    I was surprised that there was no suggestion in PTS forum that the ST would be waaaaaay harder after the update, but I assumed that maybe my character there was too weak.

    But this must be a joke. I agree, that ST could use some lifting, but that's just insane. Ultra are almost impossible to complete (unless you are 20k+, but even then it takes hours to complete the whole run. I feel bad for the people, who are not endgame (or close), because they may not have a chance to run Ultra, unless they find a well coordinated group...
    I think I will give up on the ST, if it takes ~2 hours to complete.

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    So they made the end game content hard, I don't get the problem so many people are having over that. It's end game content that actually requires you to be at end game lvl now.

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    From HM Darknik to Dotm is ridiculous. The recommended pr is 2500 (u7 standard), however Darknik and Dotm is near to impossible for players even at 5k ,and for me, 15k pr. Hard Darknik and Dotm are simply put the previous UM range. I don't know if this was intended but Trion has to "fix" or lower the difficulty, especially for HM Darknik and Dotm. If this is HM then, I'd hate to see Ultra Mode.

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