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    Quote Originally Posted by PyrrhicEZ View Post
    From HM Darknik to Dotm is ridiculous. The recommended pr is 2500 (u7 standard), however Darknik and Dotm is near to impossible for players even at 5k ,and for me, 15k pr. Hard Darknik and Dotm are simply put the previous UM range. I don't know if this was intended but Trion has to "fix" or lower the difficulty, especially for HM Darknik and Dotm. If this is HM then, I'd hate to see Ultra Mode.
    It is not a recommended pr, it's a minimum pr to join, they probably need to make it higher though.

    Yeah I agree that shadow towers are getting harder, but i'm not going to complain because it's too hard, shadow towers are meant to be challenging, you need strategy, a certain stat, a good team and along with a good teamwork, some players just missunderstand the certain minimum power rank to join, that they are a recommended power rank to join, but actually that it is not a power rank you should be on to do it.
    I recommend you to have an at least 10-15k to group up and defeat Hard DD ~ DoTM. I heard and it is, that they are harder than the current Ultra Spike Walker & Weeping Prophet.
    Anyways have fun and have a great day ^3^

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    As a newer player myself my PR is less than yours, so i am only replying to give my opinion on how we get empowered gem boxes. Every week there is a 3 class contests where you can easily get 2.5k pr and get an empowered gem box with it. When you get 5k PR you get 3 empowered gem boxes. For the past 3 weeks me and my husband have been switching our gems from one class to the other to get them atleast 2.5k pr. Yes the cubits used is a bit costly, but basically im using at most 2k cubits for an empowered gem. Ill take it! This has allowed us over the past 3 weeks to get more gems and now this week, i do not need to swap out anything as i have the gems for all 3 the classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunar View Post
    Who would invite a lunar lancer like me when 1 SH does as much as three to four LLs combined? the +50% bonus just isn't worth it.
    This is actually true. My main was (and still is, when I'm farming) lunar lancer . However, I have to use other classes for ST bosses, which is sad. If I use it in DOTM or DD, I get killed in about 20 seconds. I could use more health instead of dmg, but then it'd do so little dmg.

    I don't invite lunar lancers myself to ST if I can get other classes, because I know how weak they are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLazyCanadian View Post
    not true I've complained about it as a 22.4knn and a 21.3k gs st is a complete joke right now. normal and hard are just ridiculous for anyone under 15k and ultra pretty much requires everyone above 20k to do anything in a reasonable amount of time
    my b about that, I didn't mean *every* 20k PR+ more along the lines of those are the ones who've grinded for hours at a time and were lucky to be blessed by RNG are the ones giving the excuse of "get better at the game" and etc, which infuriates me to my highest peak
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