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    Giving cooldown to emblems killed Tomb Raiser's Vial of Unleashed Power build. Getting Vial of Unleashed Power way too useless now even though it is hardest to get. I planned this Vial of Unleashed Power + energy emblem(sometimes soothing rain to heal people in towers) + chronomantic emblem 2.5 years ago. After that time, I finally managed to get it 2 weeks ago and now It got nerfed and you cant use your emblems for 8 seconds after using them once makes it useless. It Is hard to accept the fact that Tomb Raiser is useless now since there are many characters with many op builds but not Tomb Raiser. And when the only op Tomb Raiser build gets a nerf, it died. Shadow Tower mini bosses are 1 hit killing a full tank 6.5pr Tomb Raiser in normal mode. Even though you are in ghost form. Which is weird. Since you cant stack skeletons due to ST's being hard and destroying all your minions in a second, especially the bosses, you cant build any Goliath that contains 2 stack of skeletons either. And you start out with 0 souls in shadow towers which makes it even harder for Tomb Raiser. Same with the Uber portals your power rank. I was dreaming about being a Tomb Raiser tank that is using Revenant's passive subclass to taunt enemies so I can protect people while tanking in towers. Or using chlonomancer's passive when Im solo so I can deal damage because Tomb Raiser's cant deal high amount of damage. Sadly, It didnt work out as I expected. Buffing Shadow Towers and nerfing emblems in the same time made things bad. Either only buff towers or only nerf players(not just Tomb Raiser). Or dont nerf emblems at all.
    Tomb Raiser is already death itself, why are you guys still trying to kill it

    Edit: If I knew this was about to happen, I wouldnt struggle to get Vial of Unleashed Power for 2 years and use that flux+wonder fragments to get Vial of Minion Multiplication and upgrade my items instead. Or get mounts, wings, allies anything but not Vial of Unleashed Power. The only way to play Trove looks like playing Shadow Hunter, Pirate Captain with an op build which costs only 1 vial, 75 fragments, and maybe some emblems that cost 10k cubits too(vampiric+crit)

    Update: I think they either made uber 6-7-8 easier or buffed tomb raisers stats? So Its way too easier for me to kill enemies now. I can adapt to that. But Shadow Towers are still way too hard and I still cant raise skeletons because everyone there getting killed including me and my skeletons in a second even though I got my class gem. And Vial of Unleashed Power is still useless. You can only use them to get emblem effects with 8 or 10? sec cooldown and you will only use them while you are either farming with way too lower level enemies or mining.

    Update 2: Weird disconnect issues which leads stuck loading screens. Reopening the game will fix the problem.

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    Um. So the Shadow Tower Lobby is nice and all but I still can't do content appropriate to my Power Rank. I can take on U3. Well no one is doing U3, they're doing U6 where everything one shots me with their basic attack. Since there is only 1 portal I have to keep waiting for a new instance and hope there is a portal that's not opened already...only that never happens.

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    I like this Update but why dont get the Subclasses EXP too, its just annoying to grind now all classes and then the subclasses

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