So let me honest with each other, the sun and moon aura is the best looking aura out there. But guess what the only way to get it, was the buy the mantle of power pack. However that is not possible to buy any more. Let's make enough noise about bringing it back in another pack or some other way. Although if they did listen it would probably be in a pack. With eclipse update right around the corner, it would be easy to release a pack with the aura. Hell the shadow towers basically represent darkness (moon) and the sun goddess (sun). Plus with the new items I'm damn sure it would be easy to throw a pack together. Plus when that pack was released trove wasn't as popular as it is now. I personally started playing trove 2 months ago long after the pack was released. So I do believe if enough people request this we can get it back into the game because we all know trion likes money! (: