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Thread: [Suggestions] Weapon type: Totems (+3 classes)

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    [Suggestions] Weapon type: Totems (+3 classes)

    Yes, I did mention that there should be no new weapon types soon, but once spears are filled in and the developers don't have much else to work on, they could add a few more eventually...

    I often see suggestions for fist/claw weapon types, but that would obviously be physical damage - we already have 3 physicals (Melee, Bow, Spear) and only 2 magics (Gun, Staff), so shifting the imbalance to 4:2 would be too much. The next weapon type, if any, should be magic.

    But what would it be?


    Totems would effectively be small magical objects held in the class's hand, which they then channel power from. They can be many things - a crystal, a skull, a totem (obviously), to name a few.

    The model's max dimensions could potentially be 5x10x5, with the main body being 5x7x5 and some extra space at the bottom for the hand and details surrounding it.

    Potential maximum model dimensions

    The classes using it would balance the main body of the totem on top of their hand. When attacking they'd either appear to channel the totem's power and attack using their free hand, or hold the totem with both hands (like Dracolyte) and have the attack come directly from the totem as usual.

    Now, as for the classes...


    Void Magus

    Role: Tank + Crowd Control

    Biome: The Everdark (LL doesn't qualify for a proper pure shadow class, it's lunar-themed)

    Design: A tall, slim magician with a flowing robe covering most of the legs (except the feet). Holds its totem close to its side when standing in place.

    Default Totem: A cone-shaped (sharp point facing up/outwards), bright purple crystal with a black rim above the base.


    Default: A purple costume with slightly paler highlights.

    Level 10: Main purple darkens notably. Highlights become neon blue. Gains a pair of purple crystals floating above the shoulders.

    Level 20: Body becomes completely black, abandoning the purple entirely. Bottom of the robe begins to "glow" blue, fading as it climbs upwards. Gains a second pair of crystals to the sides of the shoulders.


    Passive - Power Leech: Deals additional damage when more targets are aggroed to it.

    M1 - Basic Attack: Points its totem forwards and fires a short-ranged purple beam from the tip (like Tomb Raiser), rapidly dealing small amounts of damage to everything in range.

    M2 - Grasp of the Void: Shoots a curving beam towards a single target, snaring everything in a small radius briefly and aggroing them. Shadow Titans can't be snared. Has a very brief cooldown but costs no energy.

    1 - Shadow Shield: Swings its totem over a small area, generating a momentary shield around it (see Ice Sage) that absorbs one hit (except DD's World Ender and DotM's Backslash) regardless of damage output. Has no cooldown, but costs energy.

    2 - Call of Q'bthulhu: Holds its totem to the sky and generates a powerful vortex (lasting ~7.5 seconds) where the player targets it, dealing damage over time to enemies caught in it and pulling them towards the center. Visually, shadow tentacles can be seen reaching out of the vortex and pulling at anything nearby. This doesn't aggro on its own, but chains well with M2.

    CG - Reality Tear: Turns M2 into a channel rather than a single shot, removing cooldown but making it cost energy and interrupt energy regen. The beam can now pierce through multiple enemies. Hits more enemies and more often, but DPS is reduced. The snare will only take effect as long as the beam is actively channeled on the target, ending immediately when the channel stops.

    Shaper's Sentinel

    Role: DPS + Crowd Control

    Biome: Underground (the Shaper's unseen dimension)

    Design: Very large, bulky and blocky floating golem-like creature. Bodyparts largely separated; has no banners, skirt, cape, etc.

    Default Totem: An uneven blue crystal jutting out of a damaged piece of rock.


    Default: Appears to be made entirely from iridescent white stone. Rimmed with gold. Has a rough, uneven texture, except on gold plating.

    Level 10: Lots more gold. Has a glowing blue crystal embedded into the front. Some broken rocks begin floating around the main body.

    Level 20: Almost entirely coated in gold, with a few blue highlights (see Crystal Cultivator); Original rock body mostly concealed except for on the very bottom. Several crystals begin floating alongside the rocks.


    Passive - Reactive Enchantment: Receiving damage has a chance to inflict damage back to its attacker.

    M1 - Basic Attack: Totem glows blue. Materializes a crystal-coated rock in its other hand and throws it. Very slow (by basic attack standards) fire-rate, but high damage per hit. The rock breaks into pieces and deals damage in an area around the landing zone.

    M2 - Shaper's Curse: Channels a spray of Soulfire (mix of green, purple and white) in a cone in front of it, dealing damage to any enemies contacted. The longer an enemy is exposed to this, the more damage it takes from the next powerful attack (can be triggered by 1); this deteriorates over time if not hit by a strong enough attack. Very energy-intensive. Cannot move or turn while channeling (though it can be ended at any time) and has a short cooldown after ending the channel.

    1 - Stone Slam: Floats upwards slightly, then slams into the ground, dealing high damage and slight knockback in an area. Has a moderate/high cooldown and energy cost.

    2 - Crystalline Rift: Charges its totem momentarily, then stabs it down, unleashing a massive crack in the ground forwards from its position. Soulfire pours out from the rift, increasing the Sentinel's attack speed and decreases damage taken so long as it stays within the rift, as well as the damage enemies within it take from any source. Crystals also rain rapidly around it, dealing bonus damage where they land.

    CG - Soulfire Salvo: Replaces M1, making it lob crystals instead of rocks. These crystals deal lower damage per hit, but burst into Soulfire on contact, dealing damage over time in an area.


    Role: Support

    Biome: N/A

    Design: Average-sized wizard with many long multipart banners hanging off it (but not completely covering it). Has no skirt part, with the banners serving a similar function. Holds its totem outwards constantly, always seeming to stare at it.

    Default Totem: A red hourglass displaying a constant flow of sand.


    Default: Bright red with brown and slightly darker red trims. Has two red banners hanging off the back (see Shadow Hunter).

    Level 10: Adds some gold trims alongside the brown. Gains two new banners on the front.

    Level 20: Two clock hands hang off the sides. Banner edges become gold.


    Passive - As Time Flies: Energy regeneration and movement speed slowly increase if not hit by a powerful attack ("any ability that isn't a basic attack", regardless of world difficulty or actual effectiveness). Stuns the Chronomancer and decreases the enemy's attack speed and movement speed when hit at max charge. Charge is visible via small golden particles orbiting the player.

    M1 - Basic Attack: Sprays sand particles in random directions from the Chronomancer's free hand, which then home in on your crosshair.

    M2 - Chrono Sigil: Throws the totem onto the ground briefly, creating a small sigil with the appearance of a clock (the hands indicating remaining duration), which increases attack speed of all players standing inside and decreases enemy attack speed, including Dracolyte and Tomb Raiser. No cooldown; low energy cost.

    1 - Sands of Time: Sprays a wave of sand forwards, interrupting the ability casts of any enemies it touches. Long cooldown; completely drains energy.

    2 - Ring the Alarm: Marks all enemies nearby with a ticking clock, slowly decreasing their movement and attack speed, coming to a full stop at the end of the duration before exploding with an alarm ring sound, dealing damage in an area. Allies marked by this instead have their speed slowly increase, with the final blast healing each-other.

    CG - Timeline Jump: Replaces 1, instead making it teleport the Chronomancer backwards and generating a clone in front. The old Chronomancer then explodes, dealing damage and stunning enemies as well as interrupting their attacks. 360-degree radius, but less range in a single direction and doesn't interrupt as quickly. Slightly reduces cooldown.
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    When I though about new magic weapon type, I had the same idea but with different name.

    I really like the class ideas, especially Chronomancer. It's quire original. What worries me about new weapon type, is that new styles are now added very rarely, so totems would end up like spears.

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    I'm not sure about physically holding the totem, but that would probably be the only way to keep this as a held weapon. Very detailed suggestion! Hopefully something like this can get added soon!

    Added to my suggestion thread! (As long as it's ok?)
    Sorry for the delay in adding to my thread, I was away on vacation for the weekend without internet :s
    (Feel free to take a look at the thread by clicking the link in my signature!)
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