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Trove Monday Blue...1: Most ppl are on monday for contest reward and shadow tower.2: No solution for shadow tower monday crowd, unless...3: Handout contest reward on either sunday or tuesday avoiding the monday crowd.4: Reducing monday frenzy contest reward login ppl as a start.Single player farm mode.1: The more ppl in the same world the more it lag. (Especially on wed, double gem box daily bonus)2: Leecher issue.3: A 1/4 size of the regular world would suffice for est 30min solo farm.New Dragon shard confusion.【Floral Dragon Egg Fragments for Petallura, Nature's Beckoning, can be found randomly from planted harvests.】1: "planted harvests" does that include harvest fertilizer? (Plan to plant 5k fertilizer, but be safe to ask here, incase time and effort wasted for nothing.)Vault cs1: Vault club basically have nothing but extra item storages.2: New dragon require plant and harvest, a club world is essential for that. ( basically more club world have to be made )3: Cornerstone can plant and harvest, but require cornerstone to be up entire time.4: If Vault club can change to being a vault cornerstone, we can decorate, have fun and plant under one roof.5: Vault cs is a land the size of a cornerstone, start as a flat land and function like a cornerstone. (50 block deep, 255 height)6: Vault cs will always be up.Daily Bonus1: Arena win xp is the least favourite of all daily bonus. 2: Is it possible to include - 25% (50% w patron) time getting battle box in sunday daily bonus?
Hi Unknown_Y,Thank you for all the feedback. Monday latency issues are due to the weekly cycle. Moving that to another day would just make the same thing happen at another time. Were looking at how we can mitigate this problem but its not a trivial fix.Din O
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