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Thread: Trove Suggestions Main Thread [Updated]

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    Trove Suggestions Main Thread [Updated]

    Welcome to the Ultimate Suggestion Consolidation Thread!
    The largest, categorised, and organised ultrathread for suggestions!

    Whenever you post a suggestion not only will your idea be categorised in this thread, you will also be mentioned as an original suggestion author!

    As a way of making the process of searching around for new ideas a lot simpler I decided that we could use a Main Suggestion Thread!
    Click any listed suggestion title to go to the original thread or post!

    Do you not see your suggestion here? Post a link to it and I will make sure it is added!

    Feel free to post your own ideas on this thread or link ideas that you would like to see added, the more detailed the better! I will update this post whenever I can to keep all of your ideas in the same place for the sake of organisation, simplicity and ease-of-access! In the case of a suggestion thread with multiple ideas I will just link the full thread and put the general theme of the thread alongside the link. If an idea is suggested more than once I will link all related threads/posts and try to keep tally of how many times it is brought up!

    Let's try to keep this thread as suggestion-focused as possible and keep a nice, friendly, and supportive environment!

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    Single Suggestion Threads

    ~~Gameplay Suggestions~~

    Achievements - Add achievements to the game
    Berserker Emblem Change - Berserker emblem doesn't force use primary attack and instead prevents abilities from being used
    Piercing Projectiles - A new ability which allows projectiles to pierce when getting a critical hit
    Different Common-Rarity VFX - Separate out different "Common" rarities and add VFX so they're not missed accidentally
    Functional Furniture - Add special attributes to furniture and other decorations such as playing the piano decoration by pressing "E" on it
    Gardening Utilities - New Gardening-Specific items to add to quality-of-life
    Stability/Dodge Cooldown Stat - Add a new stat that decreases dodge and stability cooldown time
    Movement Speed as 3rd Stat - Add Movement speed to the 3rd stat pool on items so that crit doesn't need to be sacrificed for speed
    New PVP Gamemode - A stationary defence gamemode using pinatas
    Ways to Add More Walk Speed - A few suggestions to have the option to increase walk speed through a few different ways
    Move Dragon Egg Fragments to Crafting Tab - A simple idea to just move primordial egg fragments to the crafting inventory
    Primordial Eggs Deconstruct to Fragments - Another great idea to make existing eggs able to be deconstructed into fragments
    PVP Hunger Games Gamemode - Add a "Hunger Games" gamemode to pvp
    "Bet" Flux for Gem Stats - Add the ability to "Bet" flux for a higher chance of getting a certain stat upon gem level up
    Block Crafting Dragons You Already Learned - Block crafting additional untradable eggs for dragons you have already learned
    Effort/Skill-Dependant PVP Boxes - Add a new stat that tracks kills, etc. which decrease needed pvp time before getting your next box
    Anti-Leech Suggestion - Rewards will only be given to players within range of a completed dungeon that did significant damage
    Lore Flashbacks - A way to implement lore into the game by having triggered "Flashbacks"
    More quests - Specific quests that could be added to the game (Comments also have interesting quest ideas!)
    Chain Falling Blocks - Blocks that fall when stepped on, but also cause attached chain falling blocks to fall revealing potential traps
    Automated Shadow Tower Queuing - Entering a shadow tower instead queues you than places you with 7 similar PR players making the searching process faster (If not nonexistent)
    Flask-Refill-Over-Time Effect - Add a AoE Flask-Refill ability or class gem for longer possible multiplayer runs without needing a flask refill
    No More Wrong Damage Gem Stats - Change gems so that MD can't appear on gems for PD classes or PD on MD classes (Simply supply gem stats based on the class selected when opening them)
    More NPC's - Add more randomly spawning NPC's that cannot be damaged, giving the world, hub, and club world more life
    Challenge Worlds - When the hourly challenge comes up players join a separate world with an 8 player limit
    Harder Shadow Towers - Add elements and other unique gameplay features to make shadow towers more difficult and enjoyable
    New Ring Tiers - More ring tiers above shadow 4 for more variety in stats
    Raid and Cinematic Trailer Suggestion - A suggestion based around a new raid and accompanying cinematics to add some new endgame content
    Eclipse Update Plot Progression (Times Suggested: 2) [Link(s): 1]- New plot ideas that could expand the upcoming Eclipse update to make it even more enjoyable and exciting
    Craftable Special Ammunition - Adds new ammunition used by every class that applies a buff as long as it is used
    Exp Coin Tome - Implement a new tome that, when filled, grants exp coins that you can use on other classes
    Pearls from Recycled Equipment - Add a new method of obtaining pearls through deconstructing equipment that already has pearls on it
    Reticule Colour Change - Implement a colour change when the reticule hovers over an enemy
    Blue Aura Around Neon City Mobs - Give a blue aura to neon city mobs to make them more noticeable and fit in with the environment
    More Class Abilities - Add additional abilities for all of the classes to give them more variety and depth of gameplay

    ~~Class Suggestions~~

    Ice Sage Class Gem Buff - Buff the Ice Sage's Class Gem to pierce, making it more effective at AoE
    Shadow Hunter Ult - A couple changes that could make using the Shadow Hunter's Ult and Right-Click ability more effective
    Fae Camera Rework - Adjust how the camera works when using the clone ability
    The Druid Class Times suggested: 2 (Link(s): 1) - A high DPS class that uses a "Claw" weapon to slash at enemies
    The Beast Tamer Class - A multifunctional class that has a chance to befriend enemies who will then fight at the Tamer's side
    Tomb Raiser Spook Counter - A counter added to show how many spooks you have out rather than needing to individually count them
    The Boxer Class - A class that uses Brass Knuckles for close-range heavy-hitting punches
    The Shaman Class - The Shaman class specialises in "DoT, AoE and Debuffs" and uses a staff as it's weapon of choice
    The Gungurer Class - This class primarily uses a gun but has the ability to conjur up objects as a unique way of attacking
    The Archer Archer Class - Basically the "Shadow Hunter" class but with four arms and two bows. Many more unique ability ideas as well
    The Athlete Class - A gold medallist that joins the battle against evil forces
    The Shadow Samurai Class - This Samurai dual-wields massive swords that can flatten enemies easily
    The Cursed Warden Class - A variation on the existing Revenant class with a few interesting customizations
    The Sun and Moon Class - Two characters played at the same time that can be switched between to do varied damage/buffs/AoE
    The Eskimo Twins Class - Two characters played at the same time that can be switched between to build or destroy blocks while dealing damage
    Fae Class Gem Boosts Cooldown on Hit - When hitting an enemy successfully with the bomb ability the fae's abilities would have a small reduction in cooldown time
    Resurrection Ability - A class gem ability for tomb that could resurrect dead players in ST (Read all posts for a better idea of the suggestion)
    Dynamic Boomranger Class Gem - A class gem ability for Boomranger that allows the class to automatically change between bow and sword depending on how close/far away the enemy is
    Dino Tamer Summons Rework - Rework Dino Tamer Summons so that they survive based on a timer, rather than HP
    The Vampire Class - A physical damage, cursed spear-wielding vampire that can transform into a bat
    The Monk Class - A class that uses either a spear or a fist weapon that deals close-proximity single-target damage that increases over time with procs and marks
    Knight Improvements - Some suggestions on how to improve the knight class to make it more enjoyable and viable to play as
    The Element Lord Class - A new class that uses a multitude of spells in combinations to apply Crowd-Control or to buff damage output
    The DuskWalker Class - This spider-like class is able to cling to walls and cocoon itself from damage along with many other unique abilities
    Fae Backwards Blink - Implement the ability for the Fae to blink backwards
    The Lucky Lawmaker Class - A ranged dps class that uses cards and luck of the draw to do boosted dps, and card suits to alter their damage bonus
    The Brawler Class - A fist-based dps/tank combo with cybernetic enhancements to assist in demolishing enemies with a single punch
    The Lamia Class - Add a new Lamia (Snake-themed) class that can either use a bow or a spear while summoning snakes to assist in battle
    The Totem Weapon - Create a new weapon type referred to as "Totems" used to inflict magical damage
    Knight Class Improvements - A series of suggestions as to how to improve the knight class
    Shadow Hunter Alternate Ultimate + CG Improvement - Change the class gem so it applies a random element, and alter the ultimate to fire more than one shot so it isn't an "all or nothing" shot
    Unarmed Class - Add an unarmed class that deals variable damage based off of the "equipped" weapon
    Boomranger Bow Rework - Adjust the boomranger bow to fire its third shot in a cone as well as removing the delay as there is no delay when using a sword
    Sub Class Adjustments - Change the sub classes to include a PD subclass and perhaps change Ice sage subclass to having a cooldown effect
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
    Have a great suggestion for Trove? Check if it's been suggested before on my Main Suggestion List! The ultimate suggestion consolidation thread project!
    (A full list of every suggestion for Trove posted by anyone!)

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    Continued Single Suggestion Threads

    ~~Event/Contest Suggestions~~

    Daily Legendary Tome Refresh Week - A week where Legendary Tomes refresh every day
    Additional Resource Contests - Add more resource gathering contests into the game rather than just infinium mined
    Birthday Rewards - Add birthday rewards on login (Actual rewards can be balanced/changed)
    Wednesday Key Frags - Add key fragments to the bonus drops on wednesday

    ~~Profession Suggestions~~

    The Engineering Profession - A profession based mostly in crafting types of bombs, elixirs, Tech, and new Mounts
    The Freelancer Profession - A contract-driven profession where you have to complete certain ranks of challenges and get appropriate rewards for completing them.
    The Trader Profession - Allows the exchange of items that are equivalent in value or multiple items to add up to the equivalent value of the traded item
    The Demolition Profession - A new profession centered around building different types of bombs

    ~~Style/Building Suggestions~~

    Primordial Dragon Reskin - The ability to reskin Primordial Dragons to look like any other unlocked Legendary Dragon
    Costume Colour Presets - Able to specify a colour preset for existing costumes
    Style "Loadouts" - Able to specify a "Loadout" of specific styles and switch between them
    Half-Slabs for Builders - Blocks that are half the size for twice the building fun
    Invisible Launch Pads - Launch pads that are invisible for all sorts of potential invisible launching fun
    Blocks that are intangible to players - Blocks that players can walk through but mobs cannot (Can be added to attacks to push mobs away without trolling other players)
    Power Ranger Costume for Neon Ninja - Add a "Power Ranger" costume set to Neon Ninja and potentially other classes
    New Idle Animations - Give the different classes/genders different idle animations for variety
    Harvest-Only Zonerestrict - Add a new zonerestrict type that allows for harvesting only without damaging blocks

    ~~Mount Suggestions~~

    Seal Mount should Float - The seal mount should have the ability to float like the platypus
    Random Mount Selector - Adds a hotkey or ability to select a random mount to ride on
    MEGA Diamond Dragon Eggs - New MEGA primordial dragons that are upgraded versions of existing primordial dragons
    More "Modern" Mounts - Add more cars, helicopters, planes, etc. to the game
    Larger Dragons - Implement a new dragon(s) that has a larger body size
    New ways to get Eclipse Dragons - Change what we need to do in order to get the most recent Eclipse dragons
    Increase Eclipse Dragon Fragment Droprate and Cost - Adjust fragment droprate and cost so that we feel significant progression towards completing our Eclipse dragon

    ~~Ally Suggestions~~

    Uber Allies - Stronger versions of existing allies unlocked after reaching a certain level or power rank
    Mount Allies - When dismounting your mount sticks around as a damage-dealing ally
    Buff Event Butterfly Ally - Newest event ally needs a buff
    Hide Ally - Add the ability to hide your ally
    Candy Barbarian Qubesly - A new ally with a focus on increasing PD and ER stats
    ~~Enemy Suggestions~~

    Mimic Boss - Adds the potential for a chest to instead be a mimic which drops bonus loot on death
    Enchanted Stump Monster - Adds an "Enchanted Stump Monster" into the game
    20-Player Boss Fights - Implement Huge Bosses that require up to 20 players to defeat

    ~~Biome Suggestions~~

    Drowned World Amped Up To 11 - Adds an "Entirely Underwater" biome into the game with ship-based enemies instead of land masses
    Everdark Cities - Taking inspiration from some of the Shadow Towers, add "Cities" to the Everdark biome
    More Terraformer Options - Add the ability to specify the type of land generation that the terraformer creates

    ~~Gem/Ability Suggestions~~

    Class Gem Suggestion Thread - Many Class gem ideas found in main post and replies
    Ability Suggestion Thread - Lots of new class ability suggestions in main thread and in comments
    Class Gem Suggestion Megathread - Tons of new Class Gem ideas from many commenters and linked threads
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
    Have a great suggestion for Trove? Check if it's been suggested before on my Main Suggestion List! The ultimate suggestion consolidation thread project!
    (A full list of every suggestion for Trove posted by anyone!)

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    Continued Single Suggestion Threads

    ~~User Interface (UI) Suggestions~~

    Collection Search by Statistic - Able to search by a specific stat and find related items in the collection window
    Customizable Collection Categories - Adds the ability to organize anything in the collections tab into categories for ease-of-access
    Faster Individual Market Setup - Add the ability for the market to "remember" the last item you put up for sale making putting up the same item again easier
    Exp Potion Use Confirmation - Add a confirmation dialogue box when attempting to use an Exp Potion
    Add a Trendline to the Market - Add a graph showing previous prices of items for more informed investing
    Loot Collector Sorting - Change the default loot collector sorting so that rares are on top
    Market Resell Button (Times Suggested: 2) [Link(s): 1] - Add a button on a sale to automatically create the same sale (With sufficient resources available)
    More Convenient Class Selection - A smaller class selection screen shows up when pressing and holding J
    Better Class Selection (Times suggested: 2) [Link(s): 1] - When selecting a class you can see more info about it, such as PR and level
    Leave World Chat - Able to leave world chat instead of just global chat
    Lock Equipped Gems - Add the ability to lock equipped gems so that they can't be socketed over accidentally
    Block Already Crafted Items - Block out the ability to craft untradable items that have already been added to your collection
    Remember Zoom Level - Adjust the game so that it remembers the zoom level last used
    "Ignore Invites" Option - Add an option that can be toggled to prevent invites from being displayed without needing to go into dnd

    ~~Miscellaneous Suggestions~~
    (For the suggestions that didn't really fit into any of the other categories)

    Sign Adjustments - Adjustments to make writing on signs easier and adding variance through more styles and placement on walls
    Offline Mailing - Adds offline mailing so that you can message anyone that is not currently online
    Cornerstone in Club Worlds - Add spots in your club world to place your cornerstone
    Changes to RNG Arena, Dungeon and ST Generation - Make adjustments so that the levels/dungeons selected isn't entirely random by adding a weight factor
    Hub Redesign (Times Suggested: 2) [Link(s): 1] - Redesign the hub to be more community-focused by allowing cornerstones to be placed within hub walls among other changes
    Mob Spawner Blocks - Blocks that are placeable in club worlds that consistently spawn a specified type of mob
    Gem Pinata - A new type of pinata that drops gem dust, boosters and potentially... More gems!
    Personal Gem Chest - A personal chest designated specifically for gems
    Holiday Vacation Mode - A mode that can be activated to auto-collect daily loot but penalties are incurred by ending the vacation time early
    Wish Fisher Revamp - Upgrade the wish fisher to be at least as good as the Lady of the Lake or add a double fish special passive
    Club PVP or PVE Area - Add placeable PVP/PVE areas in clubs without needing to enter a portal
    Limit Items Taken from Club Chest - Limit the total items that can be taken from a club chest at one time
    Club Builders Chest - Add a new club chest specifically for building that can only be accessed by architects (Or Officers) and above
    Club Boss - Add a club event where bosses show up and require club participation to complete the event
    Fishing System Revamp - Lots of great ideas that could improve the fishing system a great deal
    Fishing Troves - Add "Fishing Troves" that can be randomly picked up while fishing
    Legendary Fish - Huge fish bosses that can be randomly fished up and require many people to successfully defeat (Anti-Fishing Bot?)
    More Personal Chest Tabs - Add more personal chest tabs to purchase for additional storage space
    Club Ban Feature - Give the ability to ban people from club worlds
    Restorative Emblem Rework - Rework the Restorative Emblem as it is currently useless endgame
    Quest Log - Add a quest log to the game so we can keep track of completed quests
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
    Have a great suggestion for Trove? Check if it's been suggested before on my Main Suggestion List! The ultimate suggestion consolidation thread project!
    (A full list of every suggestion for Trove posted by anyone!)

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    Multiple Suggestion Threads/Posts

    Alaskan's General Suggestion Threads (1, 2)
    MightyKingHoly's MMO-Centric Suggestion Thread (Paraphrased version of OP Here)
    BenSmart112's Multi-Suggestion Thread
    Thijminecraft02's Short General Suggestion Thread
    Feredhel's Short General Suggestion Thread
    KoBeWi's Exploration Improvement Thread
    Batman's Underground Improvement, Biome Evolution, Enemy and Mini-Profession, Short General Suggestion, and Club World Suggestion Threads
    doom8589's Short Eclipse Suggestion Thread, General Suggestion Thread, and General Suggestion Posts (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4,
    Thread 1, Thread 2)
    Tortorion's Short General Suggestion Post
    Gindulf's Short General Suggestion Post
    Market's Club Suggestion Thread
    XILED White Mage's General Suggestion List Threads (1, 2, 3, 4)
    globeadue's General Suggestion Thread
    DaRkD0M1NaNt's Biome Suggestion Thread
    Kanwal's Space-Themed Suggestion Thread (Additional notes from Spirare here)
    lagel2015's General Suggestion Thread
    Unknown_Y's Single-player and Extra Storage-Oriented Post
    Siimon's Daily Bonus Rework Thread
    Zenahk's Class and Biome Suggestion Threads (1, 2)
    Newdestroy's Gameplay Variety Post
    gaugekelley1's General Suggestion Post
    CryoGX's Level 30 Enhancements Thread
    Etherbl's General Suggestion Post
    High5's Quality-of-Life Suggestion Thread
    Archaic Evil's Eclipse Update Suggestion Thread

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    Wiki Suggestions

    ~~Class Suggestions~~
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
    Have a great suggestion for Trove? Check if it's been suggested before on my Main Suggestion List! The ultimate suggestion consolidation thread project!
    (A full list of every suggestion for Trove posted by anyone!)

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    Suggestion Author List

    3 spirits - ah0xg0 - Alaskan - Archaic Evil - ArthriticNed - Awestacular - B_Y3LL0W - Batman - BenSmart112 - BiggieScones - Bragi - Caelthuzan - Carlolz - CatsnBikes Chronozilla - Cicasajt - cospacegirl - CryoGX - Daria - DaRkD0M1NaNt - demonikgoddess - DerPaffinator - DiagonalLogic - DooDeLzZz - doom8589 - EggNoodle epicness2000h - Etherbl - Feredhel - fishyvis - ForsakenHero - FunkMasterFlash - GaleStar - gaugekelley1 - Gindulf - globeadue - High5 - Hjaltrohir - Hydra90 IEliteFlame - iFantomeN - InSomnium - ituneserror - Jacketkid - JallyGT - Josephiking - Kanwal - Karimo101 - Keiuko - Knowpain - KoBeWi - lagel2015 - LeoneScorne Lunging Wolf - MajorVex - Market - Mexiun - MightyKingHoly - Molecola Rabbia - Monsterginger - n00blicious0ne - Newdestroy - NintenJoeGamer - PowerDj - PPP RandomMan - rawkey - Ring31x - Rokhann - Seraphelki - Shirokiri - Siimon - Sipher - Sithis118 - SlyRam - Spirare - TheUnknown - Thijminecraft02 - Tortorion Trovingnion - Tyrantrum - Unknown_Marksman - Unknown_Y - VerifiedPunisher - Wenzird - Xader4Ever - XILED White Mage - Zajarn - Zander - Zenahk

    Don't see your name here? Link to your profile missing/not working? Want your name or the link to your profile removed?
    Send me a message with details on your issue and I will make sure your request is implemented!

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    Special Thanks

    rawkey - Linking their suggestions so they could be added and support for the thread!
    Siimon - Commenting with lots of new links to suggestions and for general support!
    KoBeWi - Great thread suggestions and overall help on how to improve this thread!
    CryoGX - Posting a great suggestion thread of their own creation to add!
    doom8589 - Adding a whole post full of great suggestions to the thread!
    Rokhann - Messaging an interesting suggestion to add to the thread!
    Spirare - Incredible thread and wiki link contributions to the list!
    Batman - Supplying a whole slew of links to their own ideas!
    IEliteFlame - Posting a creative new idea to the thread!
    MajorVex - Adding two great ideas to the thread!
    EggNoodle - Suggesting a great idea!

    Want to be mentioned in the Special Thanks? Just help me find some missed suggestions and post them on this thread, or post some suggestions of your own!
    You're on the last step of your treasure hunt. Find the hidden link somewhere in this thread that will take you to the code! Hint: Random Number Generator.
    Any edits or changes to this thread will be tracked below.
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
    Have a great suggestion for Trove? Check if it's been suggested before on my Main Suggestion List! The ultimate suggestion consolidation thread project!
    (A full list of every suggestion for Trove posted by anyone!)

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    - Any changes made to the thread will be mentioned below -

    Edit 1 (07-18-2017): OP edited and special thanks given.
    Edit 2 (07-18-2017): OP Edited with more suggestions found from general discussion area.
    Edit 3 (07-19-2017): Added "Thread Author List" to give credit where credit is due and a couple other misc. formatting changes.
    Edit 4 (07-20-2017): Fire more threads added to the list and suggestor's name was added to the "Special Thanks".
    Edit 5 (07-21-2017): Two more suggestion threads were added to OP and appropriate special thanks and credit was given.
    Edit 6 (07-24-2017): OP edited with new suggestions found in general discussion area and appropriate credit was given. Small change to special thanks.
    Edit 7 (07-24-2017): New suggestions added to OP.
    Edit 8 (07-25-2017): Updated OP with more suggestions found in the general thread area.
    Edit 9 (07-25-2017): Alphabetised the Authors' List to make it easier for suggestion authors to find their name.
    Edit 10 (07-25-2017): Changed thread intro to try and inform suggestion authors that they can post here instead of crowding general.
    Edit 11 (07-27-2017): Referenced the new edit post (This post) in OP to keep as a changelog.
    Edit 12 (07-28-2017): Added a new suggestion found in general as well as two posts added to this thread. Appropriate special thanks and credit was given.
    Edit 13 (07-28-2017): Updated OP with five new multi-suggestion threads and one new single suggestion thread. Special thanks and credit was given to the appropriate posters.
    Edit 14 (07-28-2017): Reformatted OP by changing some of the wording in the intro and adding some lines to make the category separation more obvious.
    Edit 15 (07-29-2017): Added a posted suggestion. Appropriate special thanks and credit was given.
    Edit 16 (07-29-2017): Added seven suggestion threads and one post to OP. Appropriate credit was given.
    Edit 17 (07-29-2017): Added thirteen recommended suggestion threads/posts to OP. Appropriate credit was given and special thanks was updated.
    Edit 18 (07-29-2017): Multi-Suggestion threads were given a general title due to a great recommendation.
    Edit 19 (07-29-2017): Quick fix on a small formatting error.
    Edit 20 (07-30-2017): New suggestion added found in General Discussion.
    Edit 21 (08-1-2017): Huge Thread move! Was running out of space on original suggestion thread and had to transfer for additional expansion space.
    Edit 22 (08-1-2017): Some more suggestions added to OP. Listed authors and special thanks contributors had links added to their names that link to their forum profile.
    Edit 23 (08-5-2017): Added some additional suggestion to the thread, appropriate credit was given.
    Edit 24 (08-6-2017): Four more suggestion threads added to the post, all necessary credit was given to authors.
    Edit 25 (08-8-2017): A suggestion thread and post were added to the post, all due credit was addressed to the thread and post authors.
    Edit 26 (08-8-2017): Reworded the intro to the thread to better explain what the purpose of this thread is.
    Edit 27 (08-11-2017): Four more suggestion threads added and a link to a suggestion thread was moved to a more suitable location. All due credit was given.
    Edit 28 (08-14-2017): Three additional suggestion threads were added. Appropriate credit was given.
    Edit 29 (08-15-2017): One more suggestion thread was added. Due credit was given.
    Edit 30 (08-20-2017): Three suggestion posts and five threads were added. All appropriate credit was given to authors. (I finally have a post in my own thread!)
    Edit 31 (08-21-2017): One suggestion thread was added. Credit was given to the author.
    Edit 32 (08-22-2017): Three suggestion threads and two posts were added. Credit was given to the authors as well as having a couple new names added to the special thanks.
    Edit 33 (08-24-2017): Four suggestion posts and three threads were added. All due credit was given to the appropriate suggestion authors
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
    Have a great suggestion for Trove? Check if it's been suggested before on my Main Suggestion List! The ultimate suggestion consolidation thread project!
    (A full list of every suggestion for Trove posted by anyone!)

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    The new thread is much more epic in size and well-organized, but you have to make sure that no more thread moving will happen. Since most of the text are topic links, you can shorten them, so there's more space to write.
    Forum protip:
    These two links are the same (hover over links to see where they lead, because apparently they are shortened here). You can remove thread name from the link and it will still work. Moreover...
    ...you can do the same when linking to specific post. When the post is not on first page:

    When you still run out of space (although with this topic, this may take almost a year), you can use bit.ly and goo.gl to shorter links even more (as I did in my signature). Anyways, your effort is appreciated as always.

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    Much appreciated for the tips! I really did not want to move and considered using url shorteners, but felt that I would have needed to move anyways relatively soon with the rate that the suggestions were coming in. Better sooner rather than later since the original thread hadn't gained too much exposure yet!

    Here's to a fresh start and a whole lot more space for fantastic community suggestions!
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
    Have a great suggestion for Trove? Check if it's been suggested before on my Main Suggestion List! The ultimate suggestion consolidation thread project!
    (A full list of every suggestion for Trove posted by anyone!)

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    You have done a fantastic job with this thread and it really deserves to be a sticky thread at the top of the forums. I love the idea of having all of the communities suggestions and ideas being placed in one place so that hopefully the devs will read and at least consider some of these ideas. Great Job!

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    Glad you like the thread! Feel free to post any potential ideas you might have that you think might improve Trove ^.^
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
    Have a great suggestion for Trove? Check if it's been suggested before on my Main Suggestion List! The ultimate suggestion consolidation thread project!
    (A full list of every suggestion for Trove posted by anyone!)

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