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Thread: Hi guys! Just reinstalled the game and thinking to play again

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    Red face Hi guys! Just reinstalled the game and thinking to play again

    Hey guys! I'm Bedbear. Don't really remember when the last time played Trove (I think it was a bit after the official release, out of beta), buuut... here I am again! Just reinstalled the game and thinking to play again and continue to expand my club world. Yeah, I'm more of a builder than an adventurer

    O yesh, my club world is Cuddle Buddy. Still a mess on most of it, but, please come to visit whenever you have time and drop a heart if you like it. Thanks!

    Looking forward to meet you guys in game, hope i can make some new friends!

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    Hello BedBear! Welcome back!

    If you are interested in getting re-oriented feel free to meet me in-game (DragonCoffee) or message me on skype (Click on the Skype option under my name to the left) or on discord (DragonCoffee#9172)!

    I love building (though I am quite lazy sometimes) and would love to meet a fellow builder and see what you have made! (I might also need to get you into my club ;D)

    Hope you enjoy your time back in Trove!
    Stay Awesome,
    -DragonCoffee (IGN)
    Discord: DragonCoffee#9172
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    Welcome back.
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