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Thread: Weekly Resource Contest.

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    Lightbulb Weekly Resource Contest.

    Infinium mined, the only legit contest.

    Why not expand the scope of mined/farmed contest?

    meteorite fragment, golden soul, somber soul, cupcake, bone, faire dust, sticky igor etc.

    some can be farm by monster drop.

    Tons of resource are require once st update and new costumes enter the game.

    shapestone, formicite, glim, sea shell can be excluded.

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    Nice suggestion. Hopefully something like this gets implemented!

    I added your thread to my suggestion consolidation list. Let me know if you want a link to it =)
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    Nice ideas.
    I think cupcakes should not be included though, as these are planted items, but the rest sounds like fun.
    I think that shapestone and formicite (or even sea shells) would be a fun one to participate in though, as it would be similar to infinium but much easier to find.
    Issue may be the CPU usage required to track these additional items within the game. Would not be good if tracking these items would cause any lag.

    The blocks destroyed contest, I was happy to see this at reset, until I looked in the #1 spot and saw near a million blocks already destroyed 20 minutes after reset happened. Agreed that infinium mined is this weeks 'legit' contest.

    But would be fun to see this.

    Hope you don't mind if I add a suggestion for another one that I would like to see, challenges completed. Aka doing the hourly challenges (which is already tracked).

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