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Thread: Meteorite fragment glitch

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    I have 250 quad now, cant sell xD
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    Or, you can click on the material, then move down one material, then move back up to that materal that was glitched. that is how you fix it. Its too bad that my pearls are the lowest in my crafting inventory though...

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    The person above me has it ^.

    I encountered this problem on Meteorite Fragments as well. If I hit X, it doesn't do anything. If you hit it twice, it flips back up to the top as if reloading the tab.

    However - if you hit X once, then hit Down to go to the next item, back Up to the fragments and hit X again it will finally work. Quite annoying to have to hit so many buttons each time, but will help anyone with this issue in the short term. I have not yet tested to see if you could instead go Up then Down, but that may help with Pearls?

    I have to say, the extra materials tab is quite nice for space... but it is VERY inconvenient for selling on the marketplace - but that's a fight for another thread.

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