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Thread: Revenant Build & Questions

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    Revenant Build & Questions

    I've been considering leveling my Revenant but it seems there are two viable builds for the class, a tank build and a damage build. What build is recommended for solo play? I have a full set of pd/ch/cd available I could use for the damage build but I'm not sure if that will work since the '1' skill seems to be based on maximum health. Maybe pd/mh/mh is better?

    I hope an experienced revenant player can clear this up for me

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    What do you mean by "Solo play" exactly?. The only content that can be "group" is shadow towers and using a Rev to solo ultra would take a lot of time and not worth it imo. Furthermore with the addition of new titans on the upcoming power update will it take even longer to solo ST Ultra. TBH going FULL tank is a waste with all tank classes since you can tank even "hard" content with around 2M+ health or so depending on the tank class. I would suggest going hybrid with enough HP to tank Ultra Pin God infinetly without running out of pots ever so you can farm uber 9 easily than going full tank and have less damage.

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