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    Exclamation Club kick issue (Player remain in the club after being kicked)

    Thanks in advance for reading this bug report


    Context: Observed in the french club: The Heazox Crew

    Expected: I wanted to kick a player from my club

    Observed: When I tried to kick the player (IGN: Link_hero_du_Temp) from the club, he also left on his own at the same time, which provoked several annoying bugs:
    - All members of The Heazox Crew are affected by these bugs, but this isn't the case for other clubs;
    - When a member gets kicked from the club or leaves it by his own, he will still have the access to our club chat as well as the permissions granted by the rank he had;
    - To fix the bug, the kicked member has to relog (Which is problematic as he just got kicked )

    Repro steps: We haven't tried to reproduct it on our secondary clubs, as we were afraid to get the bugs once again. But as far as I know, it seems that it occurs when a player leaves the club and gets kicked from it at the same time.


    PS: We have over 500 active members and have to close our recruitment because of these bugs. (The members usually insult us and spam for no reason when they get banned. With these bugs, there is nothing we can do about it, it is not up to us). Please keep us informed about the fixing progress of the bugs. Hoping that it will get fixed soon, Thanks a lot

    Heazox Eagle
    Leader of The Heazox Crew

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    Same problem! Please fix this bug !

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    Thanks for the info! I forwarded this to the team so they can take a look.

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    We had the same problem in World of Peace this morning. It got incredibly irritating fast. Please fix.

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