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    Unhappy Failed to connect to Auth server. Again, and Again, and Again.


    My name is pleasehelpmeimsofreakingdesperate.

    Ill get right into it.

    I downloaded trove for the first time about a year ago, when I got my xbox one.
    I was unable to play because whenever I open the game and hit start it says "Success: Continuing Login". This eventually leads to "AS: Connecting". Which leads to the inevitable "Failed to connect to Auth Servers, the servers may be down for maintenance."

    I know many people have had that issue, but I ALWAYS get it. It has never let me in, and seems like it never will. I have tried 6 different xbox accounts, all to no avail. I even have a new xbox now and it wont even work on this one. The afformentioned string of connection lines happens every time but no matter what it ends in failure.

    Now, I work in IT, and am in college. I actually work for the school, so I know that a plausible issue is the schools network. I am connecting to a college network, for short. Which as everyone knows, blocks a lot more than other networks.

    Please give me some hope that I can play trove. Please. If Im ****ed, then so be it, but please put my brain at ease because I have tried everything I can from setting manual DNS settings, to even getting a brand new Xbox.

    Thank you for reading my post/rant and I appreciate any and all help.

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    Hey there! If you're still having trouble, please send an email to support@trionworlds.com and provide our CS tean with your IP address so they can look into this.

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