I have yet to see the weekly deal for this week in my deals tab of "Store" menu. I know someone else and myself are having this issue and we have not purchased it yet as it still hasn't even appeared. if anyone else has this issue or are aware of a potential fix such as a confirmed fix/temp fix or suggestion, feel free to share.

My knowledge:
removing mods did not fix it.
changing worlds and/or exiting trove and glyph entirely did not fix it
I'm running the game using steam
I'm linked through the steam/glyph feature.

I submitted a ticket to Trion Support, if they provide any fixes and/or answer I shall update this post accordingly for any who might be having same issue.

Edit 1: daily reset has passed and still no deal has appeared for me yet. I have yet to bring an answer to the table, if anyone has any input feel free to share no matter how little.

Edit 2 (Resolved): turns out that after buying a few regemerators the weekly deal reappeared. I assume buying something or 2 from the store will fix this problem. hope this helps anyone else having this issue still.