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I often have to start over from climbing the portal up to u9 2 or 3 times before it registers correctly.It's beautifully ornamental but it should be reviewed so footsteps and flight's data packets gets eh ..."registered"?... very well :3 Maybe the flying pads should be tripled (3 points corners) and the surrounding pearls could be put more distantly so it doesn't interfere too much into jump-climbing (highest cause of rubberbanding in hub portal tower)Thought, i have a design idea for a new portal tower which would be to put large floors following the path and the path swirling around a solid pole with flight pads around its concave corner.The solid pole could have an empty center with water in it to use boat as an elevator. Doors being pierced in direction of every stages's floors.I'll make an attempt with a 3d software to clearly show what i mean :)
We're swapping out the portals for the Trove Atlas which is a very cool looking cube-globe that opens up an interface to select your world. It's not an immediate fix to your specific issue but it's something that's on the way.
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