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Thread: Levels,quest and armor

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    Levels,quest and armor

    Leveling is one of the basic thing in all mmo. I thought that the game will be more attracting if a player settled a high goal to reach in a mmo game. From the far look of things just having up to 30 levels in game is a bit weird you can easily reach that level in less then a month. I figured that this game need more levels for players to set a new goal to the extreme.

    There's are quest Like completing dungeons from completing a task. I'll refer to task its certain that a total of 2 approximated weeks is needed to start a new event I think and probably lots of players think that if one finish these event less then a week or day depending of the player, it feel like forever to start the next one. I feel that this game needs more Quest not dungeon one or event. i mean about npc's giving special task [quest] for a reward or loot either given by traders or other npc's ideas that i recommend in the game like a shop keepers, gear sellers, ally trainer and etc. from basic elements in the game.

    [Gear or Armor Improvements And Adds]
    The gears in-game I've seen are not bad but I feel there has to be more. I feel that if theirs rings there should be a type of necklaces gear and capes so that this will give more style to the game. I fell that these are very essential to be a well looking hero and probably lots of players feel the visual impact of capes and necklaces also specified biome cape would also be awesome for classes to combine them like radiant ruins biome and neon city ect. also you could add trinkets I found this idea when I had a level ten tomb riser the back of her costume had two square shaped skull and I felt that it looks awesome to a player especially since it represents a high original quality of style to a player or class. I feel that these trinkets could be put in weapons in a customizable place like the hilt of a sword or in the rod of a staff

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    Formatting dude. I have zero clue what you're attempting to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaskan View Post
    Formatting dude. I have zero clue what you're attempting to say.
    I think he wants Trove to be like every other mmo out there
    One of the reasons why I play Trove is because it's not 😆

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    is the whole thing a single sentence?
    Quote Originally Posted by Twixler View Post
    T.T cries quietly

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    Nothing personal but this text gave me Spontaneous Dyslexia... I will send you the bill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xathanael View Post
    Woah careful. You might get destroyed by a mod for that "toxicity."

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    Hello MightyKingHoly,

    Thank you so much for your suggestions but I figured I would take the time to quickly break them down for anyone else looking to decipher what you would like to say.

    TLDR: Some interesting suggestions mostly based around existing MMO's (Mostly World of Warcraft)

    --(Paraphrased from MightyKingHoly's post)--
    Firstly, the idea of there only being 30 levels is boring. Having a much higher level cap, let's say 200, gives players something to strive for and achieve. Relying on gems rather than levels to get increases to stats is just too RNG-based and timegated than is necessary.

    The current questline is lacking and sometimes overly difficult. It would be really nice to go to an NPC to receive quests or even get special quests once you reach a certain mastery rank. These quests could be based around mining, fishing or even completing a certain number of dungeons.

    Constantly grinding for gems just causes boring repetition and grinding rather than running dungeons for more gear, such as new necklaces, capes, scarves, etc. This could allow for a lot more personalised styles while providing a method of increasing your stats outside of gems.

    New contests would be really cool to add as well! For example: Contests based around building skill. It would also be really intuitive to add a "Defense" stat as well as making the combat a little more gruelling by requiring timed dodges in boss fights otherwise you get heavily damaged.

    What about lore? More lore could incentivize players to join as they would want to explore an in-depth world and storyline.

    Maybe a new class could be added similar to a paladin? It could heal others while still staying balanced against other classes. Or maybe a warlock class that increases attack speed and has an enchanted barrier to protect itself and others from attacks.

    I am just looking to help the devs and other players and help create a more incredible experience than it already is.
    --(End of paraphrase)--

    You have a lot of really interesting suggestions MightyKingHoly and I don't think they should be so casually overlooked. That warlock ability has potential and I've always been interested in a increased (But balanced) level cap.

    Just try to work on your formatting a little bit... A wall of text is a hard thing to wrap one's head around!
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    Thanks for formatting it really helps me to understand the principles of creativity I sometimes past like organization ,passion, and dedication

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