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Thread: Floral Fantasy - Bug Problem

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    Lightbulb Floral Fantasy - Bug Problem

    So we got this Aura problem, ... 1st of All.. I Crafted it, Second I got the Mastery 50, 3rd When I tried to Add that aura on my Staff for Chloromancer it did not appear on the Enchancement Aura , when I looked on the Collections Bar it was not unlocked... Please do Check on this.. for I Lost some Materials on the Making and the Picture Shown on the News is the Vereses Aura not the Floral Fantasy One..

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    I also experienced this problem when I crafted the aura. I was in U9, in a desert biome, playing as a revenant I believe. I can't reproduce this bug... I don't have the resources... It also says it's for melee for some reason in the chaos crafter, despite it being labelled as an aura.
    Bug report.jpg

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