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Thread: [STEAM] How to disable auto launch of game?

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    [STEAM] How to disable auto launch of game?

    I linked my STEAM account to Trove and now the Glyph launcher automatically stars the game (without me pressing "Play" button).

    Does anyone know how to revert the changes (so that I need to press "Play" button in Glyph launcher in order to launch a game)?

    Thank you!

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    Quick Fix for disabling Auto Launch

    First off I realize this post is very old and this might be considered a necro, but for anybody who stumbles across this same issue, either when trying to switch accounts or servers.

    Simply right-click trove on steam, go to properties
    Local Files -> Browse Local Files
    There will be a Glyph Client.cfg file
    you need to open this with a notepad tool and edit the line
    AutoLaunchGame=true to AutoLaunchGame=false
    then save the file and close it.
    Now when you launch trove through steam it should open the launcher and allow you to manually start the game from there. Hope this helps

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