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    Lag Improvements

    I was very skeptical after the hotfix of yesterday as you guys have been working on the lag issues for over half a year now but I ended up being very surprised and happy about the improvements!

    I experience no more extreme rubber banding or delays in world rendering when playing in a freshly spawned world. You can still notice an increased ping when the entered world is new but it's very playable now. I will be a very happy player if you manage to solve the temporary increased ping issue in the future.

    Thank you, Trove is much more enjoyable now.

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    better then the last few days, which were unplayable for me almost, but after a few hours lag returned for me.
    During challenges still so very often I get to the boss and then teleported back to before the entrance or dropped to the ground midflight to the next dungeon, very very annoying.
    Mind you I had almost zero lag problems before the console release so seriously wondering if the PC and console servers aren't connected (or even on the same server), really hope this is just on the right track and they can finally fix the lag once and for all in the not to far future.

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    I'm getting mobs loading in before the world does
    But a lot less rubberbanding than before

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    We're going to keep working on improvements but this most recent update does appear to be a really clear step in the right direction. We'll do our best to be more vocal about the focus of upcoming tech improvements and our progress.
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    Yes thanks for finally fixing it. It did take longer than it should have done, and I'm sure people would complain about the latency for other MMO players who aren't used to latency issues, but it seems to be a massive improvement so far. Albeit most of my playing post patch was at night where EU servers are empty anyway.

    Edit: It looks like the time I played actually had more to do with my opinion than I first thought. It did seem a bit better still, but I didn't really do much today.

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    It's one step in the right direction, and i'm sure more steps will follow.
    It won't be easy or any time soon that Trove will be mostly lag-free but sometimes people make it worse than it actually is, the lag is bad yes but it's not constant.

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