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Thread: Feedback after 2 days testing

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    Feedback after 2 days testing

    My notes concern the current PTS things starting around 30th June with main focus on Fae Trickster and additional things I did stumble across.

    General Bugs:
    • I keep hearing the 1-ability from Neo Ninja over and over again even if I am myself a Fae and have no NN sub epquipped and no players are in sound range. It is the same sound effect that appears when you switch to NN Sub. Therefore I assume that everyone in the same world will hear this sound effect when anyone switches his Sub to NN
    • When you try to enter Uber 5 Primal World (Dragonfire Peak World), then you will end up at the ST Lobby instead. When you try to enter the ST Lobby via Atlas, you end up at the Lobby, too. Uber 5 Water and Uber 5 Air World are accessed correctly. fixed
    • In Loot collector, items with lower rarity are at the top now
    • The coin collection Map that that appeared at 13th july 2017, 1:00am GMT+1, with the forth price at 80 collected coins, does spawn players below the arena. This causes you to fall into abyss constantly without a chance to ever collect or finish anything
    Shadow Tower related issues:
    • ST Portals remain activated inside the lobby, even if the connecting floor has been completed for such a long time that the portal inside this floor did close again. At this point anyone who enters has no chance to leave this floor anymore through the intended way and can also not open a new portal inside this flawed floor.
    • Flux cost inside Club ST portals is displayed wrong. It displays that each difficulty costs 50 Flux, but while opening, it removes the intended amount of flux.
    • There is a new info after killing a boss that tells you how much time you took to kill it. I love it, but it was not mentioned in patch notes, was it?
    • This week's 2nd Floor of WP does spawn old monsters at the Skulls. Is this a bug or intended? (Seen at Hard Mode, if it matters)
    • This week's 1st floor of DotM is extraordinary harder than other floors: Its limited space at the very first hallway just aside the first two Skulls rooms have a good chance to be filled with special effect monsters and bosses. Since this hallway is just aside the door of the first and the 2nd Skulls room, monsters from the hallway will enter and join the fight inside the Skulls rooms. So these additional boss monsters become a thrat that you can not ignore by simply outrunning it and you are forced clear the whole hallway before facing the intended challenge: The skull rooms itself.
    • Shadow Hunter's Rigth click ability can activate Skulls through walls and closed Shadow Tower Gates
    • While playing a 17.9k PR Fae, I noticed something while comparing Hard Mode DotM (u7) with Ultra Mode SW (u8), whose both share the same first floor: in the HM run, it was an impossible thing to finish even the first room, while in Ultra, I finished the whole floor solo without any trouble. However, it is possible that there have been some lucky or unlucky boss effect rolls. But still... this fact remains...
    • Audio bug: After defeating Darknik, you will constantly hear the fire sound untill changing worlds. But even after worlds are changed, this bug causes that certain other sound effects get completelly muted (like loot collecting from loot collector or upgrading in the item forge)
    • Feedback about these new monsters everywhere: I love that you have now an actual challenge inside ST rooms and can no longer only rely on jumping to instantly be immune to all monsters below you. Some things definitelly still need tuning, but I like the general direction this is going.
    2nd Class feedback:
    • Playing Fae, sub class Candy: It seems red candy buff does not scale with PR and always adds 100% attack speed. It is supposed that stats scale with the sub class' Level and that abilities scale with sub class' PR. But Candy Barbarian gave 100% AS at PR 100 and gives also 100% AS at 8.7k PR
    • Luna Lancer's ability gives no information what its ability is actually doing unless you take a closer look at each single stat effect while testing (Like hinting it gives +100% AS, 100 Stab, 15 MS, 10% Damage bonus). It would be nice to have some more accurate info what its ability does do (aside creating gigantic players before it was fixed). It also seems not to scale with PR, but I did not fully test this thesis.
    • Playing Fae, sub class Gunslinger: These 10 extra jumps at GS level 10 are a nice addition, but the aditional damage seems inferior to what SH as subclass would give; given that SH's bare base damage also affects damage while remaining on ground where you can regenerate energy. Gunslinger's damage seems to add after my main class damage is done (needs confirmation here). So a 700 PR GS as 2nd did add around 200 damage to my 4mil crit damage shots at one point in U9 Prime world. In Ultra Mode (SW to be exact), I am getting now a buff of around 2k damage while GS has 4k PR... to my 202k Fae shots. It would be better to have GS as sub changing your base damage instead of adding some minor static numbers on top of your final damage.
    Gem changing feedback:
    • First of all: rerolling and buffing requires glim. This is something that you do not have when you start at PTS. If there wasn't a pinata coin producing event right now, I had no chance to actually use the Gem Forge.
    • on PTS you was not able to obtain Gem booster boxes from the store nor there were Gem booster boxes given in that daily login pack. Though one of the new items are explicit said to be obtained from these - and by the looks of it, it seems to be the main source for that material at Live Server, so we can't test the drop rate from these before it goes Live and give feedback whether the drop rate is fair or needs to be altered.
    • Some additional information are missing about what a player can expect to happen before actually using the forge and figuring out the hard way. In detail:
      • There is no ingame info about how much any Builder Focus does increase. It would be nice to have the plain numbers added like Rough Focus 1.75 PR to small gems, Precise Focus 3.5 PR to small gems, etc.
      • It is also left open if or if not it is possible to buff one stat untill it outclasses another stat that recived a boost at level 5, 10, 15. In example: I got a gem that got at level 5 a buff into crit hit and at level 10 and 15 a buff into MD. So, can I use augments into crit damage until it fills enough PR to actually replace the crit hit boost with a crit damage boost? Answer: after testing I know: no. The boosts are unique and set a maximum PR that can flow into this stat, while a stat without a boost has a lower PR that can flow into it, even after a fully maxed gem
      • Another open question was: is there a PR difference between a gem that started with 400 PR and a gem that started at 550 PR at level 1 after it got fully upgraded. Also only after testing I know that the PR will be the same number in both cases, the difference is that you require more boosters to upgrade the gem with less PR.
      • Another thing is the rerolling thing. Someone said it was RNG, someone else said it is a straight order, the gem forge said nothing and laughs in silence. After testing I know it does not fallow an order and it is completelly RNG. I had one CD+MD gem that got MH as third stat. first reroll ended in MH% and the second reroll ended in MH again. After another reroll I finally got the desired CH. But luckily the chance to get the correct stat is usually 50% since HR is gone.
    Fae Trickster Bugs & Feedback (while maining Fae at LiveServer):
    • First of all as side note: It takes extraordinary time to catch up with the setup from Live Server. Even after 2 days I am still not there, and this includes 2 large PTS buff days (More about this at my suggestion section below). I hope the ability to copy accounts to PTS will come soon
    • If I use the face style 'Substantial Schnozz', then my clones become red eyed
    • Using Faerie Dance while there is less than 1 block space above you will spawn the staves on top of the ceilling.
    • Faerie Dance's much shorter placing time makes it now useful even while speedfarming U9 dungeons without stealing valuable shot time. It finally feels like an 'addition' to your base attacks instead of 'waste of time'
    • Furthermore, Faerie Dance is attacking much faster now (even though update notes read as if it was made slower) and the staves are supposed to live longer, which is also a much welcomed thing
    • well... 'supposed' to live longer at least on a chess board. In my first everdark fight, there did this one Shadow Shoe spawn which instantly completelly destroyed all 3 staves with one single kick..... not fun. You would actually need Tank-like stats to give your staves enough health to survive until they die of old age. But the way staves Health is connected to Fae's health, makes them beeing 1hits. So in the end its a waste of time and energy to use them...
    • After this patch, Faerie Dance moves their purpose from 'Sturdy Shooting Shield' to 'Fragile dps backup', which needs to be protected from attacks by using clones at a large distance from your staves. While your staves are alive, they deal nice damage, and the extended life time will least for a whole 30 minion dungeon or one whole normal-difficulty shadow arena, if you are over PR 10k. But the weakness is against one strong monster or monster crowds, or in other words: everything. You need to protect these staves, and they support you with good damage, but if you are in a pinch, then Faerie Dance will not help you out of it at all. Not even a bit. Casting them in a pinch makes your pinch even worse, since these things get destroying before even delivering a 2nd shot!
    • To comprehend it into one sentence: I love the offensive abilities of Faerie Dance, but I hate how its defense got almost nullified
    • The new Fae gem 'Fae-go my Ego' is at least no downgrade anymore. But it is also not an upgrade compared using any random other gem and Cubic Curtain does do an even better job: Cubic Curtain also nullifies an attack that would have damaged you; Fae-go does only keep your Ego Blast in tact after an enemy almost ate you alive.
    • In the end, the new class gem effect is only another cheap PR-source for people who want to compete in Fae PR challenges and dump anything on their Fae's emp gem slots. But if you actually play a Fae and have good Emp Gems stats, then it is not worth the efford to actually get Fae-go my Ego over another gem, since the difference is hardly noteable at all
    • One suggestion would be: While Fae-go my Ego is active, you will recive less or no damage from an attack, to compete with Cubic Curtain. Or add an offensive buff to Ego Blast while Fae-go is active. Just give it anything special to make it better than Cubic Curtain
    • I was testing with fallowing Empowered Gems epquipped during the last 2 days: Fae-go my Ego, Cubic Curtain and Explosive Epilogue
    • New Blink clone sounds are cute, though I couldn't find a referance for that in the patch notes
    • The new Glitterbomb works nice, if you are at distance and support meely fighters at the front line.
    • While I was soloing, I tried to use the new Glitterbombs, but I could not find a good oportunity in using a Glitterbomb over a clone, except in that one moment, when there were many monsters attacking a clone and I did throw a Glitterbomb, to keep my clone alive for longer against a crowd of enemies. But I could also run in a large circle instead and create a new clone in a wide distance to the old clone, if there is enough space.
    • Glitterbombs can now stop a circling bee or other moving ranged monsters, which makes it a very useful asset
    • In the end of the day, Glitterbombs are situational useful now and can support your team, but using them requires more Energy regen than I have with my PTS gear. Maybe with my Live gear, too, but this would need to be tested to make a final conclusion. My conclusion at this moment is: Glitterbombs are useful, if you don't have to use clones, but it is up to debate if an Energy Regeneration set is worth to trade-in your DPS. But in the end this change is definitelly welcomed.
    • The new Ego Blast.... To be honest, I did not really notice a difference. But this is most likelly that I have not my char from Live to get a direct comparison. In PTS I upgraded my Gems until I had similar final damage in Uber 9 Pirmal worlds than on Live to test different aspects. But it is hard to say something about Ego Blast itself. However, it seems that it is possible to reach the same damage on PTS about 3k earlier.
    • In the end, I can not give an accurate answer on Ego Blast, since U9 monsters are 1hits left and right anyways and the only other source for comparing damage - Shadow Tower - got changed, too, in this update.
    • from what I calculated, it seems to give around 610% damage now, but this could be influenced by things that I did not consider. I am sure that someone else knows how to calculate damage more accuratelly in Trove
    Final conclusion about Fae:
    • There have been some nice changes like adding stun to Glitterbombs, probably more damage at Ego Blast, another Class Gem that is at least not a downgrade and an ulti that can be used without wasting time worth of 3 normal shots, but nothing that really turns tides in the big picture amongst other classes.
    • Glitterbombs now allow Faes to support their team with stuns, but it is the same support that a Shadow Hunter might do, if you can persuade him to move his finger away from his left mouse button for a second. But in the end it is a skill that does not destroy your solo ability, but that allows to support others, and this is something good
    • Faery Dance feels now like these Staves are doing something, but they need more protection than ever. In the end I think I will use them more often with this update, but it is once again no tide-turner
    • The new Class Gem is a disappointment so far with Cubic Curtain completelly outclassing it. If it remains like this, I wont see a reason why I should hunt Fae gems just to exchange my Level 25 Mirred Mojo with perfect stats. And no, I will not replace my Cubic Curtain or Explosive Epilogue.
    • So my final word is: Slight buff for Fae, but buffs are always welcomed. Since I main Fae anyways, I welcome this buff. But I expected more of a tide-turn event from this.
    Additional Suggestions to improve testing on PTS:
    • There is currently not only Gem updates to be tested but also ST and Fae that got changed aside with a brand new layout of the Hub and a new way to access worlds. Some things, however, require to have multiple dragons, Mastery, a certain Power Rank, certain stats etc or in short: conditions that you do not have if you start on PTS, since you have to start from absolute zero (unless you actually play on PTS instead of Live). So...
      • Give items that are required to starters. like minerals and materials to get to a certain point in game without beeing forced into farming update-unrelated things to allow beeing able to reach the update-related things just when the test phase ended
      • Give a set of Shadow level 1 items and the necessary forging materials to upgrade these to allow testing different stages including endgame. For me, it was a nuisance to even get the first shadow item on PTS. And it was another nuisance to collect enough tentacles to get the correct stats on each piece. And I am still just at Shadow 3/4 epquipment after 2 days.
      • Also please give enough materials to progress with professions. or in case of ringcrafting, just add a box that will give all rings of all rarities and stats. Because right now it means you have to pay unrealistically high amount of flux for some mere shapestone or you have to grind and grind and grind for shapestone, just to slowely replace your green rings with blue rings and eventually reach the first s1 ring just at the moment when you lose interest in shapestone farming because you actually wanted to test the new shadow tower bosses
      • for this testing session we had luckily a pinata event that was a good glim source, but even this requires actual farming. But glim is a very important key element to use the Gem forge. I recommend to add like 10k or 20k glim at the daily pack
      • The Dragonite is probably meant to craft Superior Focus and not to Obtain your very first Primodial dragon. If it was not intended for the later, then I recommend to add Dragon eggs into that pack
      • It is also a waste of time to spend hours into clicking the 5-Dragon-coin-offer into the store, because it is the only thing available just to get enough coins to craft 3 dragons. If you take 3 seconds for one 5-coin-purchase, then you can easily calculate how long you would need for all 4 primodial dragons (1200 coins= 12 minutes of concentrated clicking without stretching or pee break. You will probably see the Dragon Coin window for the next 5 hours, even if you close your eyes) and if you really have nothing else to do (after clicking for that long you probably forgot why you even entered PTS anyways) you can calculate how much time you need to get coins for all other dragons. If you say dragons are unrelated in this patch, it is all about gems and ST, then I can tell you: sure, this is why my PTS Fae has 24766 health in ultra Shadow Tower and my Fae on live has almost one zero more - something, that you notice in this magical moment, when you realize that normal ST creeps do not twohit you. Long story short: Please unlock the coin purchases that give more than 5 dragon coins
      • Also allow to downgrade things for better test experience. Allow to 'forget' a certain primodial or other dragon. To see stats with this or that combination and allow to forget certain masteries, to allow testing with lets say 100 mastery, even if one did reach level 300 mastery already. It would also be cool to allow to downgrade epquipments instead of beeing forced to craft a completelly new item just to see the results of one rarity less. The current straight-forward way on PTS encourages players to test the very end game and not early or med game. Or is this intended?
    • Since Gem Booster Boxes are directly connected to this update, these things should be accessible on one way or another. The best way is probably allowing to give a limited number of these with the daily login pack.
    • The best testing experience would be a copy of your character from live. I know this is planned and it is worked on, but in this update and with the current conditions it is a big nuisance to get even close to the stats that you have asendgame Live player. I hope this function will come before this current upate makes it to Live.
    • Allow to write comments even when the PTS server went down. This one post took me literally 5 hours to write, even though I had notes made during testing. There is no way, that it would fit into this half-hour-gap after PTS goes offline. I recommend 24 hours or more to allow late people to drop their posts before this forum goes offline.
    • Actually... why is this forum inaccessible after a certain point? It would be nice to have it read-only. So you still can read what happened in last sessions, but you can not fill the front page with question topics when the next PTS session will be

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    I wonder if the amount and depth I did invest into my feedback is what Trove Staff is aiming for?

    It has been a couple of days since I wrote it and I got no reply so for. Should I shorten it or is this the kind of Feedback you want to see more often?

    I am a bit left open here, whether I should leave it like this or if I have to make some changes to my post to gasp some aspects more quickly?

    If it is okay like this, I would apreciate really much a 'Thanx, we saw it, it is fine' or something similar.

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