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    And normal the prizes of the daily login does not appear in the inventory? , Because in my account nothing appeared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novuhz View Post
    Most people want to have 3 class's geared to farm and speed run with...most of the end game players have a farming class and 2 class's for speed running... if it's going to take ~2 years to max 3 class's that's too long... I'm gonna lose 1 speed run class with this system, or feeling that I'm gonna be forced to pick only 1 class to it's best potential for a long time.

    There has to be a way to get Bound Brilliance without it being so time-gated, a way to actually farm them or increase the ammount we get per week at least :\ The Legendary tome for BB should be at least 20. Maybe add bound brilliance to leaderboards and also to challenges new tier reward?
    You can also get BB from the new Boons. Remember you'll be able tu buy Tokens (unknown if it will be for cubits, credits or money) starting next month.

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