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Thread: Game bad performance

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    Game bad performance

    Hey guys ive recently noticed how bad the game is performing on my pc . I have a pretty good computer specs will be below and it is still using over 15 percent on low settings . Now you might be thinking whats so bad about that , well let me explain .
    • Nothing else is running , literally
    • When launching the game its around 85-90 percent .
    • It never use to be this bad , i use to play on ultra as this is a very low quality game so pc can handle .
    • newer , more advanced games are running fine
    • i get a black screen and game crashes sometimes at launch

    I have tried verifing the game but nothing helped . Any idea guys or tips ?

    Pc specs
    Top i5 which i believe is i5 4690k
    Asus geforce 960
    16gb of ram
    Z97 motherboard
    Lots of cooling fans and cpu cooler.

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    There might be a lot of players in your game and your pc specs arent good but they are not bad they are in middle

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    Under settings in trove there is something about a Third party. I turned that off and my PC is running faster.
    ~ The Fervent Orange

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