anyone else having this issue, not sure if its because of the always-present lag, or if I'm just bugged, I have the class gem, and volatile velocity equipped.
Fist when attacking, there is a half a second to 1 second delay from when my shot hits, to when the game realizes the shot hit, or the shot wont register at all. when holding down attack, 50% of my shots on average do not hit, a few shots will arc in directions other than where I was aiming,(hitting walls, floors, ceilings ect..) regardless of how close / far I was from the target.

base attack is 90k, ive gone to hub, and have had to shoot at a single ladybug 12 times to kill it.

played trove off and on since launch, and ive always had this problem, but figured it was just lag issues from the game being in alpha, took a long break from the game, and I see the problem is still here, but its dramatically increased, with the addition to the class gem and velocity gem..

my interent connection stats are: Ping: < 1 MS, 18 mbps/s dl, 15 mbps up. so I really shouldn't be having the issue from lag. anyone else having a problem like this? shooting chests does the same thing. ive tried playing trove in every video setting available, all options toggled on/off, all scales lowered/raised. none of that has had any change.