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Thread: Fae buff is a nerf

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    Fae buff is a nerf

    Fae Trickster Updates:
    The duration of Faerie Dance staves has been increased to 15s from 10s.
    Faerie Dance staves now use player health and take 75% less damage.
    The attack speed of Faerie Dance staves has been reduced to 1.0 from 1.25.
    Ego Blast now deals 20% more damage.
    An Ego Blast crit is now 51% of base damage.

    Hi guys, am i the only one who thinks these changes is an overall nerf? Fae's ult is a nerf to burst and a small buff to sustained damage, i'm sure this is one of the worst ults already
    Ego blast increasing by 20% damage only to have a 50% crit modifier is a massive nerf and will almost half fae's already weak dps. (With 1000 crit multiplier) it will go from 450 x 10 = 4500% to 540 x 5.1 = 2754%

    glitterbomb was a small buff wich at least fae can use to spam mobs but still, overall these changes are nerfs. i hope the class gem will be good what do you guys think?

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    class gem isn't that much of a buff, 1 additional shield before you lose your ego blast when attacked, also the ego blast change is a massive nerf
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