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Fae Trickster Updates
  • The duration of Faerie Dance staves has been increased to 15s from 10s.
  • Faerie Dance staves now use player health and take 75% less damage.
  • The attack speed of Faerie Dance staves has been reduced to 1.0 from 1.25.
  • Ego Blast now deals 20% more damage.
  • An Ego Blast crit is now 51% of base damage.
  • Glitterbomb now has a 0.5s stun and deals 33% more damage.
  • Glitterbomb no longer knocks back enemies.
  • The explosion radius on Glitterbomb has increased to 3.5 from 3.0.
  • The Fae Trickster class gem, Faerocious Facsimile, has been temporarily removed from the class gem loot table until it can be improved. Existing copies of Faerocious Facsimile can continue to be used.
  • A completely new class gem has been added for Fae Tricksters! This new gem shields Ego Blast for one additional hit before the bonus damage is temporarily removed. It can be found in the Shores of the Everdark with a class gem key. Enjoy!
how good will fae be compared to other dps classes? will these changes make fae a class worth using again?