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Thread: Alt-Account Smurfing - Time to make some pie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoBeWi View Post
    So if I understand right, all it does is bypassing the time gate. If you have to switch to alt and do ST again, that means you have to play twice as much or more with more alts. Time gates are totally stupid thing and if someone wants to dedicate their time to farm Titan Souls, it's fine I guess. Although with the changes to flux drops from Titan's Treasures, the time gate should be just removed.
    IMO Titan's Treasures should be removed and make salvaging gear worth something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pennry View Post
    IMO Titan's Treasures should be removed and make salvaging gear worth something.
    Get out of here with your sensible ideas. Trion doesn't want that kind of talk here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pennry View Post
    IMO Titan's Treasures should be removed and make salvaging gear worth something.
    Well, I guess they need to keep it as a flux-pump into the game. Gating titan soul(s) with keys is a right decision since people have to play the game to get them.

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    Nothing can really fix the current state. As a FTP game they have to deal with these issues that other games don't because they charge a monthly service fee. Apart from limiting accounts signing into Glyph to 5 and then banning after that, nothing would really help. It can still be bypassed but the amount of effort would deter most.

    - Profile Verification is easily spoofed
    - Email Verification is already required.
    - 'silently prevent trading' until people realize it or just store things in a club chest
    - Prevents any friends/family ever playing together. RIP lan events.
    - VPNs exist.
    - Can spoof the MAC with about 5 min of googlefroo
    - Virtual Machine would give a different MAC
    - Google Voice is still free, you can get phone numbers online for cheap
    - Prepaid Cell Phones also exist.
    - People already have alts leveled.
    - Would seriously hinder everyone who wants to play with a friend/family.

    IGN: spar13

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    The door had already been opened for alts.
    It would be a bad idea to change things at this point, especially with plentiful ways around any additional requirements.

    Playing the game should be more rewarding than alt farming.
    Looks to be steps in the right direction.

    +1 for the idea of allowing gear drops being worth more from salvaging.

    Also keep in mind that although there are more shadow tower floors with the update, keys are the same crafting cost, however more key fragments drop in dungeons.
    +1 for having key fragments drop in elemental worlds at the same rate that gem boxes drop in prime worlds.

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    I'm fine with the change personally. Titans treasures are worth a lot less which lowers the incentive and then farming the fragments lowers it even further. If they wanted to further limit it, they could do something where you need to deal damage to receive credit and ban people using 3rd party software to duplicate inputs. Needing keys is a bit inconvenient for new players, but really you should be using keys when doing shadow towers, and the fragment buff should help. I'm not so keen on limitations that could impact real users, for example people sharing a network, computer or requiring a phone (yeah, no thanks).

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