When testing knights ability to make mounts go faster I fount that its always 91 movement no matter the mount so basically slow sabation (aka the starter mount) becomes as fast as any other mount I'm also going to assume the turtle tank would also get this speed boost. So just wondering if that was whats sapost to happen?

next is the Fae raising flying speed is an OK idea but compared to the Air Primal dragon its unlikely going 2 get used for that (unless it stacks I didn't test that) so a better stat to give as a Sub Class would be energy regen or something like that that would make it more usable as a sub class. Last time i checked energy regen was not given on any other Sub Class so it would be something better then just raise gliding speed. I know that 3 classes would not relay need energy regen but the same can be said for Dino tamer's Sub Class giving attack speed i know 2-3 classes don't need attack speed

so yea consider giving Fae's Sub Class energy regen and maybe seeing if the knight's Sub Class is working right or just give him something else (the other part of his sub class so far is good though)

sorry for the multi posts this was the 1st one but it dident show up so i ended up making the 2 smaller ones