Hello Trove devs. In my clubworld (the # is in the cool club sharing thread) called Brothers there is a specific island where it always rains and lags horrendously. I was building a rather large temple there before this bug happened and never had a problem untill after some update (not the most recent dino one but longer back) it made me quit the game as i had no more fun in building due to it being so bad.

Now after the Dino update i came back to the game and checked my club only to find out that specific area still has permanent rain and still lags extremely hard.

I have a LOT of work into that club so dont want to start over on a new one.

I dont know what caused this bug and had hoped it wouldve been fixed by now after the Dino update.
I can turn off the lag temporarily with the fx 0 console command but that also removes literally everything animated from sights, braziers, even my wings, portals etc. so thats NOT a solution.

The problem is clearly with the rain, id really apreciate it if i could single out turn the rain off or Trove devs make rain less laggy. As the title said im even on a brand new PS4-pro and its just as extreme a lag as on my old ps4.

Hope there is a fix.
-Suum / Calamaistr. Ps4 guildmaster of Brothers and Lemon squeezy.