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Thread: Fulguras and Sky Sunder Competition!

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    Fulguras and Sky Sunder Competition!

    So now this year's extra life pack is out, I'm giving everyone a chance to obtain my dragon and costume that lays within this pack.

    The rules are pretty simple, just create a story, art piece, or a build based on either the Sky Sunder costume or Fulugras,

    Stories are to be posted as replies, art pieces are to be direct links to an image, builds are screenshots and worldid in reply.


    Art will have two winners, each winner will get one code for the dragon and one code for the shadow hunter costume.

    Builds will have the same rewards as art, two winners, one code of each.

    Story will only have one winner, and will still get one code for the costume and dragon.

    end date: 28/07/2017

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    I am one of the only Archers of Cygnus.
    I was there when it happened.
    The Invasion, or what some like to call it,
    The Sundering.
    I remember it like the light of day.
    Like the light of Her.

    We were attacked. The largest battalion of Invaders I have ever seen.
    This wasn't just an army, this was way more than an army.
    They were planning to kill everyone.
    It was obvious, with that amount, you could conquer the Below several times over.
    But this wasn't the below, this was the Palace of the Goddess.

    Only I and a few Scions survived.
    All of the Archers were thrown off the island.
    The Scions kept fighting.
    The ones who survived were the ones who ran and the ones who knew alchemy.
    And I'm the only one who knew alchemy.
    Few Scions ran, the others died fighting.
    Don't call the Scions who ran "cowards," they ran and did something.
    And of the Archers, they either died during the fall, when they hit the ground,
    or when the Infection kicked in.
    How did I survive?

    I'm an alchemist, as well.
    Elixirs, potions, those are my specialty.
    I have had a few experiments that have gone horribly wrong.
    And there are also the prototypes that have led to the invention of what most of you now know as the Elysian Flask.
    Just like the one that saved my life.

    While falling, I remembered that I had a few prototype potions that I brought to the fight.
    "Might as well die as a test dummy rather than a person who fell," I thought.
    I chugged a potion and blacked out.

    I woke up on the ground, really dizzy.
    Around me lay the bodies of my fallen comrades, and some desperately grasping onto their life.
    I run to their aid, but I couldn't do anything to help.
    All I could do is pray that Her Radiance guide them.
    I stand up, and I look at my body.
    The Infection is...

    The potion I drank.
    Trial 57-2F.
    It was supposed to be used as a "last hurrah" drink.
    Something to push you to your limits for a few moments, then make you collapse.
    I'm not collapsing, and neither do I feel like I'm at my limits.
    There must be something about this potion and the Infection.

    I found a cave and set up a small lab, and I start experimenting almost immediately.
    I had to go out and get ingredients and ahem subjects to test on.
    And I get to testing.
    A few hours in I see results.
    A few more hours I start on producing the next prototype.
    A few days in, a few prototypes in, I get a bit low on materials.
    I decided to go out and gather a month's worth of supplies.

    While out on a Vale, I see a massive flash of light.
    "No... It can't be..."
    I couldn't speak after that.
    I fell on my knees.
    She was gone.
    She sacrificed herself to save us.

    I fell into depression,
    I couldn't do anything for days.
    I was a broken man.
    "I didn't act fast enough" "I should've stayed and fought"
    These kinds of thoughts flooded my mind during those days.
    And I snapped.

    I grabbed my bow and I charged for the Palace.
    I ran all the way to the sky.
    Fueled by wrath, sadness, and vengeance.
    And I arrived.

    The army of Invaders was reduced to around 20 of the monsters.
    And there were Scions, but I can feel that they were no longer good.
    These Scions were Infected and, instead of dying, they were turned.
    I took out 1 or 2 Scions before being thrown off.

    I woke up on the ground.
    "Why didn't I die?"
    I thought.
    I heard heavy, shaky, breathing.
    I look around, and see a strange yet familiar beast.
    From the looks of it, it was Infected and distressed.
    I calmed it down to get a better look at it.

    No wonder it was familiar, it was a dragon.
    I have read about these creatures in the Archives.
    These were the Dragons with No Name,
    Ancestors of what most people know as the Azulian Dragons.

    It looked severely injured,
    Body full of scars, wings torn, eyes almost blind,
    its breath even had flakes come out with it.
    It, along with its herd, was attacked,
    And from the looks of it, he's the last one,
    Just like I was.

    I gestured for it to follow me, and that it did.
    I led it to my cave and gave it a prototype to drink.
    (I was depressed, vengeful, definitely not in the right state to do this)
    It fell asleep almost immediately, and I decide to rest, too.

    I started to plan for the next attempt to reclaim the Palace.
    This time, with a relatively clearer mind.
    I thought about what got me defeated in the first place.
    Despite being big, bulky embodiments of chaos, they were fast.
    I needed a way to run faster, and slow them down.

    An upgrade to my arsenal, a new trick, and training was decided.
    The trick: A trap, a snare.
    A way to slow them down.
    A way to give me the advantage of speed.
    I started thinking of how to stun them.
    Everything seems to be, at a degree, ineffective.
    Except for...
    Of course!
    Light bright enough to stun them.
    I start designing a prototype, and immediately after that, building it.
    Test it.

    This was the moment the first version of the Sun Snare was invented.

    First prototype and it's already working as intended!
    There might be hope to reclaim the Goddess' domain.
    With this new hope, I start to work on my arsenal.

    I'm no blacksmith, but I am an alchemist. I know alteration, but not as well as I know potions.
    I alter my armor and bow to become sturdy and lightweight.
    It took a few tries, but it eventually showed the results I wanted.
    It made the armor and bow translucent in some areas, and changed the color weirdly, too.
    In any case, this was a success.

    Next is training.
    Endurance, agility, and accuracy were important, and they were done with top priority.
    While doing target practice, I heard an explosion.
    I looked at where the dragon was sleeping,
    It wasn't there.

    Another explosion from outside.
    I approach the entrance of the cave and I see a fireball.
    It exploded and lightning burst out of it.
    I run out of the cave and there I saw it.

    The dragon was flying, with what looked like distress in its eyes.
    I call it down, and it did come down after a while.
    I got a better look at it.
    Its wings were still like how they were when I first saw the dragon, except they seem more sturdy, they even look like blades now.
    Its eyes were a glowing violet, it appears to be somewhat healed now.
    It seems that the Infection had stopped, like it was cured.
    But why wasn't this dragon reverting to it's normal self?

    I studied the dragon for a while, and I came to the conclusion that
    it was still infected, but the Infection is no longer harming the beast.
    It looked as if the prototype I gave it was a partial solution.

    I rummaged through the prototypes until I saw it,
    Trial 76-9X, the 97th prototype to come from Trial 57-2F.
    I drank a few drops, and I felt drowsy immediately, and soon,
    I was asleep.

    I woke up with the dragon beside me and no idea for how long I was out,
    but one this was certain:
    I have changed.
    I was black and violet all over.
    And I felt different.
    I wasn't in pain, I wasn't feeling anything negative at that time.
    I felt... stronger.

    I wanted to see what was new with me,
    So I grabbed my bow and...
    its colors turned to what my skin looked like.
    The string also vanished, and the translucent parts also changed color to a light violet.
    I was surprised at this, but also excited.
    I took my armor and it also changed.
    Colors were changing, new things were showing up around the back and helmet.
    It looked awesome.

    After the initial shock of the shifting arsenal, I then continue to my
    practice grounds.
    I looked at my bow for a bit, figuring out how to shoot without a string,
    I eventually just pulled at the string and released.
    An arrow appeared out of nowhere and was shot at the dummy.

    I smiled, and "pulled the string" as hard as I can,
    and the bow started producing a strange sound, sort of like a buzzing noise.
    I release, and a very shiny arrow was shot.

    The first Radiant Arrow was released.

    I was even more amazed now.
    First, the weapon, then the armor, and now a new ability!
    I attempted to do it again.

    I decided to do some experimenting on this ability,
    and it appears that the shiny arrow can pass through walls.
    This is an amazing advantage against the Invaders.

    I thought I was ready, so I prepared potions for the battle for the Palace,
    as well as the traps.
    While finishing my preparations, the dragon woke up.
    "Stay here," I said.
    It made noises that seemed to be whimpering.
    "Don't worry, I'll be back," I said as I set off to the Sky once more.

    Upon reaching the island of the Palace,
    I sneaked around and placed traps in specific locations.
    Then I started the fight.

    I managed to get rid of all the Scions with relative ease,
    This was how I learned that the shiny arrow can pass through enemies,
    I just lined them up and shot a few of the special arrows.
    I also got 2 or 3 Invaders down while doing this.

    A few hours later, I'm running out of traps, potions, and ideas,
    I'm tired and they're running straight at me, ready to thrust their swords into my chest.
    "This could be the end" I thought,
    and then I pray to Her.

    Then I hear a roar,
    and then explosions,
    I look up and see the dragon,
    And it looks like it has the attention of the Invaders.
    I run to cover while the dragon lures them away.

    I get myself together and call the dragon,
    I tell it to lure them to me.

    I summon all the my courage and strength, and I drink Trial 57-2F.
    They're almost here.
    I leap at them,
    Pull my bow with all of my being,
    It sounds of the loudest buzzing,
    And I release, followed by a massive explosion.

    This was the moment the first Arrow of the Goddess was fired.

    I wake up. I look around.
    I see the dragon beside me, the remains of the Invaders, and my bow.
    I stand up, and so does the dragon.
    It follows me as I walk toward Her throne.
    I look at it and smile,

    "We did it, we actually did it..."
    I sigh as I fall onto the floor.
    "Hey, what's your name anyway?"
    The dragon growled in a strange way, not in any way like its previous noises,
    It sounded like "Fyull-gyoo-res"
    "Fulguras?" I asked,
    It responded with a nod, then laid down, I sit down as well,
    "Well, Fulguras, what do we do now?"

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    I really need to invest in a draw pad so I don't have to draw free hand with a mouse.

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    In a Lake with my Duck compadres
    resoirved for when my wrist isnt sprained.

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    among the stars ~☆

    Finished! I had to redo the line-art and sketch a few times just for the dragon so I couldn't do the Sky Sunder as well
    I hope I got the head and wings whole thing right ;v;
    Hi i am Wyvern and am dragon trash
    IGN : WyvernWarrior223 | proud draco main | love birb ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

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    Reserved for story.

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    I call it, "GuyComingDownFromTheClouds"

    Here's a link to the album - http://imgur.com/a/QiIlw

    If you want to see it up close, do /joinworld The DJRoxxic Foundation
    It'll be at coordinates 108, 148, -14.

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    Once a new adventurer ready for the stroke of war against the shadow army, a shadow hunter known as Sardinos rose up to the challenge and tried to enter he army of the sunlight nation however, Cygnus refused his help, one day as he was trying to figure out what was wrong, a voice protruded from his mirror.

    "Join us! They didn't want you, but we do!"- a grasping, wrenching, squeaky voice escalated from the silence

    "Who are you? And what do you want?"- our hero answered

    "Doctor Darknick is my name and I need you, young Sardinos, to avenge the death of the chaos Paragon Qbthulu!"- the voice echoed

    The boy had no choice as a tentacle like he never seen before edragged him in the everdark. Even now some trovians claim to see his armour ravaging trough the realms or his Dragon form destroying civilisations.

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    Ohhh, so this is what you've been planning! >:000
    Other than that, awesome! I shall do me best, Ro! ;A;

    Reserved for Art entry nwn

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    story: Fulguras stared down from his perch upon the destruction that was the world. it was not always this way fulguras used too be a loving and caring being. until out of know were he was tainted by some sort of dark magic. none of the sorcerer's in the land could understand what could have possibly caused this.-------- "riven something must be done we cant live in fear like this for ever fulguras wont stay locked in the void forever!" an old wizard exclaimed. "we need time......and a plan wait was there not a dragon tamer in the area" riven said. "ah yes young skysunder he will want fair pay though not like we have money....maybe he will play the hero and do it out of kindness" the old coot replied.------so the wizard's set of to find skysunder it would not be easy since he did most of his work in the dragonfire peaks.----the next day they arrived at the peaks *plays dramatic music*. and in the distance they spotted a camp like sane people they came to a fast conclusion that dragons don't make camp so they went to check it out.----- it was none other than skysunder himself. "ah skysunder my old freind!!" grend exclaimed. "uhhdo i- oh yea grend whazzup" skysunder answered."skysunder i have no right to ask this of you but there is no other way i-i need you to end fulguras" grend explained. "wait you mean the fulguras you want me to kill fulguras no cant wont". "well i gess you could tame him maybe". "okay ill try....but you owe me big time"-------in a void somewere skysunder prepared"one sword one piece of meat wait maybe i should bring some meat for the dragon...."------ 10 hours later "some rope stick of gum okay im ready" so he made his way down to the void and found fulguras "fulguras im a tamer of dragons(not one of those ripoff dino tamers) and i come offering peace". fulguras thought about this peace he used to know that word peace he used to know peace untill the corrupt void gazer changed him but could he fight it is one tamer enough to change him he would change. he would try to atleast he was done with all this evil he wanted to go back and it all started with this...skysunder--the end my shortstory: fulguras and skysunder i could not figure out witch i should make it about so i did it about both..... ps: this is my first story hope you enjoy
    roses are red,
    violets are blue.
    God made me handsome,
    what happened to you?

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