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    Post Trove Livestream Notes 23/06/2017

    Trove Livestream Notes 23/06/2017

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    Megalithic update confirmed for Tuesday 27th June

    The devs went into detail about what the console players will receive in the form of the dino tamer and jurassic biomes and Radiant Sovereign merchant. Also mentioned was the addition to the biome challenges, them being the coin collection and racing challenges.

    Mega Menagerie pack will be due out, this is the new Extra Life pack which contains 2 dragon eggs, 4 costumes and a variety of allies and styles.
    These are from the 2016 Extra Life stream where you could donate and Atronos would create your idea for the game.

    French and German translations for console coming at the time of the update.

    Tanbleddyn/Corgi Dragon stats shown as:
    3%CD 1000MH 500PD 50MF

    Fulguras/Lightning Dragon stats shown as:
    5% AS 0.5%CH 1000MH 50MF

    The daily login box reward system will be changed to by 1st July.
    You will receive your rewards via the Radiant Dayspring, a new crafting bench.
    Each month has one special worth the most tokens, so you can control whether to save for that or get smaller items.

    And to finalise we had a small moment of dopesheets artistic creation of jurassic park which I think he should post a pic here

    Questions and Answers Session

    When will PTS be back up?
    PTS will be back soon and we'd like to test out some fixes for the lag issues and allow you guys to take a look at the next update. As per usual feedback is appreciated and the wipe is still going ahead. Plans are to still do a character transfer as mentioned in previous threads.

    How quickly are costumes added to the game?
    From when they are accepted, it is up to 6 months due to timegates in place working with console. This is mainly to do with the checks that have to be in place by the console companies.

    Is there a PTS for console?
    No sorry.

    Hope this short writeup helps you guys, enjoy your gaming
    PS: I won a chaos coin, woop!

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    Thanks and congratulation on your win, Shiro!

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    thx shiro.
    p.s i'll trade that code for a trophy

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    Thanks for the info Shirokiri and congrats!
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    Thanks for the info Shirokiri!

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