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    Megalithic Update Console Patch Notes - June 27, 2017

    New Class, New Biome
    • The Dino Tamer class is here and it’s dino-mite! Learn more about the latest Trove class in our Dino Tamer preview!
    • Get a blast from the past with the Jurassic Jungle biome. This new biome is loaded with all new enemies.
      • Archeosaurus
      • Therizinosaurus
      • Troglodyte
    • The Tyrannosaurus Rex is a rare spawn with a damage buff and a big health pool so bring some friends if you want to take it on!

    • Inora, Flame of Enlightenment, is now live! Designed by GYNLBart.
    • The Dormant Wisdom Dragon Egg used to craft Inora can be obtained from the Merchant of Wonders for 5,000 Fragments of Wonder.
    • Three new dragons have appeared! Hunt them down in Trove to acquire fragments of their eggs. Use those fragments at the Dragon Crucible to craft your very own dragon mount!
      • Dracocolatl, the Mellower (designed by community member TeeKayM) has been spotted around Candoria!
      • Avast! There be dragons here! The terrible and relentless Flakbeard, the Relentless has been spotted guarding his booty in the Treasure Isles! Yarrrrr!
      • The great and ancient aquatic wyrm Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents now resides within the deep blue sea!
    • Some other legendary dragons can now be obtained using Golden Eggs from Greater Dragon Caches or the Dragon Effigy (found in the Weekly Dragon Deal).
      • Drak-o-Lantern
      • Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings
      • Tannenbomber, the Harbinger of Tidings
    • You can now craft a Diamond Dragon Egg (used to unlock Primordial Dragons) at the Dragon Crucible using Diamond Dragonite!
    • Diamond Dragonite can be obtained via the new daily contest for total Power Rank, from events, in the Trove Store, and also a very, very rare tradable world drop 'Diamond Dragonite Pouch'.
    • Daily Dragonite rewards will expire after 24 hours if not collected from the Claims menu.
    • The following dragon eggs can now be deconstructed into Dragon Coins: Dormant Siege Dragon Egg, Dormant Dusk Dragon Egg, and Dormant Lunar New Year Dragon Egg.
    • Fixed an issue where Power Rank wasn't correctly counted for Dragons.
    • The Badges for Spirit of Lambent, Spirit of Azorian, and Spirit of Trimach now correctly display info in their Rewards section.

    Login Rewards
    • A new crafting bench will be added to the game in July - the Radiant Dayspring! Each day that you log in to Trove earns a Daily Login Token valid during that month. These tokens can be used at the Radiant Dayspring to craft unique mounts, items, and a special monthly lootbox. Log in daily and discover your rewards!

    • The lower stat value for all minor Gems has been increased by 30%!
    • Lesser Stellar Gems now deconstruct for 500 Gem Dust.
    • Gem Booster Boxes now award Golden Gem keys instead of dust.
    • Gem Booster Boxes now give slightly more of some boosters at uncommon.
    • Gems with a single stat will no longer be found in the world. Instead Gems will always have 2 or 3 stats.
    • There are new recipes in the Gem section of the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench for Lapis Luckbug and Ninth Life.
    • Increased the amount of Lapis Luckbugs that can come from daily chests and Gem Booster Boxes.
    • The Stinging Curse Gem effect now works with the Fae Trickster class.

    • 3 new Power Rank and Mastery sigil levels have been added. For Power Rank sigils they now go up to 20,000 and have been otherwise adjusted slightly at the high end. For Mastery this means more sigils up to 300.
    • Lil Pup has had his Mastery removed.
    • Mastery has been doubled (from 50 to 100) on the Cyclone Skimmer, Squeakers, and Neverending Necrowmancer mounts. Players who have already collected these mounts will receive the incremental 50 Mastery.
    • Disaeon, the Immortal dragon now grants +30 Power Rank and the following stats but does NOT grant Mastery:
      • +1000 Max Health
      • +1 Maximum Energy
      • +1 Energy Regeneration
      • +50 Magic Find
    • Leveling costumes now grant 35 Mastery and other costumes grant 70 Mastery.
    • Mastery is now awarded immediately when an XP Coin is used.

    • We've smoothed the experience curve to level 30 and reduced the amount of experience required from level 20-30.
    • Since Dragon Fire Peaks and Jurassic Jungle are restricted to U4 and U5, they will no longer appear as biome Challenges.
    • Invasions and World Bosses will no longer spawn in the first 2 worlds (Medieval Highlands/Novice and Permafrost/Adept). This change allows our newest players to get used to game mechanics a bit before being ROFLstomped by invaders.
    • Mastery Rank 20 is now required to use Trading, Community or Club Chests, and the Marketplace.
    • Starter Classes are now limited to only the 8 most accessible classes. Class Coins and other methods of acquiring Classes work as normal.
    • The introductory quest chain will no longer require players to join a club or enter the Shadow Tower

    • Damage from the Neon Ninja empowered class Gem ability, 'Heuristic Haxstar' should now stack correctly.
    • Fixed the damage reduction of the Tomb Raiser ability, 'Banshee's Boon' to correctly reduce damage by 90% (the tooltip always said 90%, but the ability was previously only reducing by 75%).
    • Corrected certain Revenant Class Gems descriptions to remove the incorrect statement "does not taunt.” Aegis Assault taunts like a boss!
    • Adjusted the cooldown sound for the Ice Sage's Gem power.
    • Updated the description on the Beckon Banshee Tomb Raiser Gems.
    • Updated the description on the Lunar Lancer ability 'Lunacy' to reflect the actual reduced damage.
    • Updated the following abilities to not collide with NPCs (similar to Dino Tamer's Clever Snare)
      • Boomeranger - Big Bomb and Mysterious Urn
      • Shadow Hunter - Sun Snare
      • Fae Trickster- Glitterbomb.
    • Revenant's Wraith passive ability once more applies 50% physical damage and 100% health regen while wraith is on cooldown.
    • Ability cooldowns are now reset to max when switching between classes.
    • Cooldown on dodge has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1.8 seconds, because it's just more fun that way.

    Chaos Chests
    • Chaos Chests and Golden Chaos Chests now drop sometimes from dungeon chests. There are advantages to farming fast for these, but even more casual players will be able to earn them at a reasonable rate!
    • Any Chaos Chests acquired following this patch cannot be traded. Existing chests are still tradable. Tradable and non-tradable chests have separate karma bars.
    • Chaos Chest common and uncommon tables have been randomized and the uncommon table now includes Chaos Cores (a lootbox containing many Chaos Cores).
    • One week out of every 4 will now have a Chaos Mega-core as the top loot for the week.
    • The Chaos Chest rare table has been expanded to always include all previous “Chaos Chest only” collectibles at a low rate.
    • Shadow Pinatas now have a very rare chance to drop from Chaos Chests!
    • Chest-specific collectibles gained from opening chests can no longer be traded and will loot collect into Chaos Cores. Collectibles acquired prior to this patch remain tradable but cannot be loot collected.
    • Added the new Chaos Core Crafter workbench to the Novice Crafting Bench.
    • Crafting at this bench unlocks directly into Collections and prevent you from crafting anything you already have collected.
    • At the Chaos Core Crafter bench you can use Chaos Cores, along with other resources, to craft classes and Chaos Chest specific collectibles.
    • The Chaos Core Crafter also includes the following awesome new costumes:
    • Blastcap Builder (Boomeranger) by Evilagician
    • Chimeric Cubist (Candy Barbarian) by Dusty_Mustard
    • Bathys Barbarian (Candy Barbarian) by Mew2ian
    • Darkheart Destroyer (Candy Barbarian) by LippyLapras
    • Daybreak Daimyo (Candy Barbarian) by TeeKayM
    • Frigid Fiend (Candy Barbarian)
    • Shaggy Yeti (Candy Barbarian)
    • Alchemancer (Chloromancer) by Jusiv
    • Crystal Cultivator (Chloromancer) by 3motions
    • Plaguepurge Pollinator (Chloromancer) by Galeneos
    • Rosy Ravisher (Chloromancer)
    • Jeweled Jaeger (Dino Tamer) by Anibaal
    • Dominating Dracomaster (Dino Tamer) by KawaiiCaretaker
    • Pinata Protector (Dino Tamer) by Anibaal
    • Shadow Sauromancer (Dino Tamer) by Zeptimus
    • Macedoine Master (Dracolyte) by Ainogommon
    • Partisan Pinatrician (Dracolyte) by 3motions and gaugekelley1
    • Chaos Cultist (Fae Trickster) by SkyRider3217
    • Shining Sidhe (Fae Trickster) by Anibaal
    • ATMOS C-TAC Armor (Gunslinger) by B_Y3LL0W
    • Jet Jammer (Gunslinger) by Ainogommon
    • Mesozoic Meteomancer (Ice Sage) by Evilagician
    • Strife Sage (Ice Sage) by Celeress
    • Dashing Duelist (Knight) by Galeneos
    • Steel Sultan (Knight) by Anibaal
    • Shadowscorn Saboteur (Lunar Lancer) by Screamheart
    • Demersal Marine (Lunar Lancer) by 3motions
    • Golden Glaivesinger (Lunar Lancer) by Galeneos
    • Inferno Infiltrator (Neon Ninja) by Flowey
    • Anubian Assassin (Neon Ninja) by Galeneos
    • Bushin Beatmaster (Neon Ninja) by CryoGX
    • Arcanium Admiral (Pirate Captain) by MagicMate
    • Star Skipper (Pirate Captain) by Ainogommon
    • A.M.O.K. Aimbot (Shadow Hunter) by NTwarrior
    • Modish Marksman (Shadow Hunter) by TeeKayM
    • Royal Ranger (Shadow Hunter) by Rosain
    • Photon Phantom (Shadow Hunter) by Jusiv
    • Rosewood Huntress (Shadow Hunter) by MoonPetals
    • Guardian Golem (Revenant) by Evilagician
    • Workshop Watcher (Revenant)
    • Super Magical (Revenant) by GadgetCAT
    • Chrono Construct (Revenant) by 3motions
    • Everdark Emissary (Tomb Raiser) by FriedSushi
    • Winter Waker (Tomb Raiser)
    • Heart Eater (Tomb Raiser)

    • Removed Chaos Chests, Eyes of Q’bthulhu, and Glim from accepted Marketplace currency.
    • Increased the # of items on the Marketplace drop downs.
    • Since we're increasing how much Flux you can store, we figured we should increase how much Flux you can charge for your Marketplace listings! The new maximum is 25 million Flux.
    • In Collections, the Marketplace search button now only appears on items that can be listed in the Marketplace.
    • Updated Marketplace comparison to show values < 1.
    • Fixed Marketplace bug where no results appeared when Item Type was set to Blocks, Building, Crafting, Decoration, or Items.
    • Fixed a bug that could allow creation of Marketplace listings with larger than 9999 quantity.
    • Fixed very rare issue where the Marketplace could get into a state where it took currency for listings but never handed over the purchased items.

    • Leaderboards and Contests now grant rewards to everyone who is tied.
    • The Mastery contest now gives 300 pinatas to each of the top 10 instead of 999 to top 1.
    • Class Power Rank Weeklies now reward 50 Shadow Pinatas to anyone Rank 10 and above. The previous reward of a single Chaos Coin for Rank 1 has been removed.
    • New Weekly Contests have been added. They are Infinium Mined This Week, Glim Collected This Week, Fish Caught This Week, Weekly Battle Arenas Won, and Loot Collected This Week.
    • Experience Earned contest leaderboard now tracks only XP earned during the contest week instead of all-time XP. This will reset the leaderboard. Any progress made on Monday, June 26, 2017 will not be counted.

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    • Weekly Deals have arrived! Every week, a fantastic deal on certain items will appear in the store. Each deal can be purchased only once a week. When the deal returns to the store in the future it can be purchased again.
    • Two new types of Deals will appear in the Store from time to time offering extreme value. Flash Deals are 4 hours long, occur every 4 days, and offer a 5x value deal on various consumable items essential to powering up. Power Deals unlock as you power up and are a 4x value, and appear for 6 hours.
    • Credit Packs now offer Radiant Sovereigns, which can be redeemed for great rewards in the Hub. As part of this change, all "Deal" packs have been retired.
    • A new $30 Credit pack has been added, offering 5,000 credits and 6 Radiant Sovereigns.
    • There are now three new packs in the store that contain varying amounts of 'Credit Pouches'. These pouches are worth 250 Credits each when consumed and are tradable.
    • Due to the addition of tradable Credits, collectible store items are purchased for unlock rather than trade and some tradable items like Class Coins and Inventory Expanders are now obsolete and have been retired from the store.
    • There is now an option to purchase 33 Greater Dragon Caches at once with a bonus Diamond Dragonite Pouch.
    • Starter classes now cost 250 Credits.
    • Advanced classes now cost 750 Credits.
    • Heart-a-Phones reduced in price from 500 Credits to 250, and Golden Keys (guaranteed Rare chest reward) reduced in price from 2000 to 1500.
    • The 10 pack of Chaos Chests in the store is now the 11 pack. The 100 pack of Chaos Chests now gives 110 and a Golden Chaos Chest.
    • An untradable 15 day Patron Pass is now available for 1,250 Credits (fewer than half the Credits of the 30 day pass). While not directly tradable it can be purchased with Credits from five Credit Pouches that can be purchased with in-game currency from the Marketplace.
    • The tradable 30 Day Patron Pass for 3,000 Credits is leaving the Trove Store.
    • Some Store-bought items are now untradable (but old ones retain their tradability): Greater Dragon Caches, Pinatas, Club Megaphones, Rename Tags, Heart-A-Phones.
    • Some items have been removed from the Store: Costume Mystery Boxes, Eyes, and Tentacles.
    • Any older Twinkling Tomes, Golden Keys, Golden Gem Keys now have “Tradable” in their names. These previous versions must be Loot Collected in order to produce the actual Twinkling Tomes, Golden Keys, and Golden Gem. Store purchases of these three items will now grant untradeable versions.
    • The store visuals have gotten a makeover. Check it out!
    • Spring Pinatas are in the store!
    Challenges and Minigames
    • New challenge maps have been added for these minigames! The Kitchen racing map from ScythePlays with help from KieraDescent and Fatal_L3gacy, the Fountain Island collect map from Zez, and the Sted Parkour collect map from Stedms.
    • Challenges now award a new Lesser Dragon Cache that isn't tradable but always contains at least one Dragon Coin at common and 25 at rare. It also has an extra-fast filling Karma bar. This should increase the amount of Dragon Coins it is possible to earn for playing challenges.
    • You can now craft the materials required to create your own Racing and Coin Collect minigames for your Club World using the Worldspring!
    • The new Minigame 'Target Destruction' can be built in the Worldspring crafting bench and played in individual Club Worlds. It will come to the challenge rotation in the future once we've improve the hit detection further.
    • Added a new Minigame Class block which, once placed, turns any participating Trovians into the specified class (even for participants that haven’t unlocked that class yet).
    • There is now a recipe on the Worldspring crafting bench for a teleporter placeable.
    French and German
    • Trove will now display in French or German if that is your selected system language.
      • To join another General Chat channel for other languages use this command in game (put EN or FR or DE after the # symbol for the language you want to join): /join Global_ExperiencedPlayers# - Updated June 29, 2017
    • Users who have selected French or German for their language in Trove are now placed in separate French and German instances of Global Chat.
    Community Created Content
    • New Shadow Tower Dungeon from Screamheart!
    • New Shadow Tower Dungeon from stedms!
    • New Shadow Tower Dungeon from Pennry!
    • New Shadow Tower Dungeon from Keyser95!
    • New Candoria Dungeon from Aveon0!
    • New Candoria Lair from Evilagician!
    • New Candoria Dungeon from Pupshies!
    • New Undead Dungeon from Evilagician!
    • New Neon City Dungeon from Evilagician!
    • New Treasure Isles Dungeon from BrianVII!
    • New Cursed Lair from FiplyLonePly!
    • New Dragonfire Peaks Dungeon from Zungryware!
    • New Frontier Dungeon from Keyser95!
    • New Frontier Lair from stedms!
    • Three new Jurassic Jungle Lairs from stedms!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Lair from Ylva!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Lair from FiannaTiger!
    • New Jurassic Jungle swamp Dungeon from Screamheart!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Lair from Chronozilla!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Evilagician!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from stedms!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Pennry!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Zirhaw!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Stabicus!
    • New Shadow's Eve Jurassic Jungle Lair from stedms!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Screamheart!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Dark_Style_NL!
    • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Player214!
    • Added a Voxelbusters seasonal battle arena to rotation!
    Battle Arenas
    • Battle Arena quick matches now grant class experience upon completion.
    • Quick matches and club matches now award Star Bar points upon completion. You’ll get a Cubit payout when filling the Star Bar each day.
    Class Coins
    • A Starter Class Coin is available to claim from the Trove Store for free in new accounts. This replaces the previous requirement of reaching Mastery Rank 3. (Pro Tip: Use the Class Select menu to get a free trial of any Class before using your free Starter Class Coin).
    • The Starter Class Coin has a new look, to differentiate it against the regular Class Coin.
    • The Mastery Rank 5 and Refer-A-Friend Class Coins now only unlock starter classes.
    • Due to the availability of classes through other gameplay means, the Class Coin awarded at rank 25 Mastery has been removed.
    • Untradeable Class Coins now Loot Collect into 3 Double Experience Potions. These potions last for an hour and will only count down while you’re online.
    Animal Helms
    • Omni Unlockers are now known as 'Stashes'.
    • There are now stash exclusive animal helm styles in their own style category. Super Style Stashes will unlock these randomly!
    • One of the dev’s, Twixler, made all these so make sure to let her know how much you like them if you see her.
    • New Llama Talisman has a very rare chance to drop in all adventure worlds with which you can craft many “lluxurious llamas”.
    • The basic versions of the Regular Centaur, Meownt, Pemblock, and Shmeep mounts are now craftable on the Adventure’s Crafting Bench but no longer drop in the world. In their place, Talisman versions of each now drop. These can be used to craft any of the mounts of that type, including the base mount.
    • Corgi Talismans, Centaur Talismans, Shmeep Talismans, and Meownt Talismans are required to craft the special mounts that share their names on the Adventure’s Crafting Bench in place of the basic version of the mount.
    • The descriptions of the talismans have been updated to reflect where they drop.
    • The Regular Centaur, Meownt, Pemblock, and Shmeep mounts will also Loot Collect into the Talisman version.
    • Very, very (very) rarely in the Cursed Skylands a Griffon Talisman will drop. This tradable crafting material can be used in crafting Griffons at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench.
    • Craft these four Griffons:
    • Drumsticks requires 1 Griffon Talisman and 60,000 Flux.
    • Paul Esteban Maclaw requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 750 Golden Seashells.
    • Falminar, Assuager of Burdens requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 1,300 Crystallized Clouds.
    • Frostgale the Fierce requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 2,500 Glacial Shards.
    Special Effect Blocks
    • There are 5 new craftable blocks in the Fun Factory that play special effects when you run over them or ride over them with a Mag Rider! They will also play any music blocks underneath them.

    Item Renames
    • Recipe: Tolling Bell -> renamed to Recipe: Dangling Doorbell.
    • Recipe: Draconic Lantern -> renamed to Recipe: Dragon Lantern.
    • Recipe: Robot Egg -> renamed to Botnik Egg.
    • Recipe: Sweepy Shroomling -> renamed to Beddy Sweepy Shroomling.
    • Recipe: Monitor -> renamed to NED Display.
    • Recipe: Permafrost Tundra Snow Cube -> renamed to Permafrost Snow Cube.
    • Roboclock Radio -> renamed to Circadian Cadencer.
    • Techie Table Segment -> renamed to Tech Table Segment.
    • Metal Window Frame -> renamed to Optics-Enhanced Partition.

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    • Zone Restrictions now applied to existing zones when terraforming.
    • Fix for higher-ranks not being able to modify zones whose permissions had allowed lower ranking club members to modify the zone.
    • Restricted ranks that can terraform a club world to Officer and Leader.

    • You can now interact with objects without directly targeting them. When you get near an interactable object, its tooltip appears and you can press the action button to interact with it. Don't worry - you can still target objects directly, too.
    • Players and NPCs no longer block your interactions when they are standing between you and the object you are trying to interact with.
    • Tooltips for interactable objects no longer appear when you are outside of interaction range.
    • Updated a lot of the UI to better accommodate longer, localized strings.
    • The claims icon in the lower left of the screen will now show up for new claims that you haven't seen, even if they were automatically claimed. Most notably, whenever we do giveaways, you'll have that icon to notify you. And if you buy something from the store it will also appear.
    • The Loot Collector no longer accepts additional loot once the "Components Collected" section is full.
    • All categories in the Settings menu now prompt you to save unsaved changes when switching to new categories.
    • Added a "Collapse All"/"Expand All" button to the collections UI.
    • Expanded space in the Marketplace for a second line for the item name.
    • Challenges and Objectives now show the name of the reward being earned.
    • The welcome screen no longer displays your chaos factor. Check your character stats if you need to know!
    • World tooltips now appear more quickly.
    • Renamed the style vault categories: Hat Style Vault, Mask Style Vault, etc to simply "Vault". These strings are only used in Collections (when you have already selected Hats, Faces, etc) and in the redesigned Loot Collector.
    • Contest rewards in the claims window now show when they expire.
    • Town portal tooltips now have complete names.
    • Crafting item name text field extended to prevent cut off.
    • If one person cancels out of the name change prompt, other players also contemplating a name change will no longer have their prompts disappear.
    • Consuming Dragon Souls will now properly refer to the type of soul consumed.
    • Client no longer gets stuck trying to find the next item in the action bar after removing the active item from action bar within build mode.
    • Better auto-selection of the first available recipe for the workbench.
    • Handle near simultaneous equipping and trashing of an inventory slot.
    • Aligned Gem Power Rank numbers between the Gem tooltip and the Gem interface.
    • Pinata Coins now correctly state that they are an event currency that will disappear sometime in the future.
    • Removed a warning message when changing auras on stellar weapons.
    • The scroll speed for chat has been normalized.
    • Navigation menu can be opened regardless of whether the inventory is also open.
    • The Runecrafting bench description in the Adventurer's Crafting Bench has been corrected.
    • In Collections, added a new dropdown option: Show Favorites. This will make it easier to narrow down your search to just your favorited Tomes/Mounts/Allies/etc.
    • In Collections: Tomes, added an icon to indicate when a tome is "sleeping" and can't earn any more experience this week. This will make it easier to see which Tomes are still available at a glance.
    • Updated descriptions for the following crafting materials to be more specific: Blank Scroll, Diamond, Shadow Diamond, and Ancient Scale.
    • The Trading Post UI window now automatically closes if the other player cancels the trade (it already automatically closed on completion of a successful trade).

    Other Improvements
    • Trophies have been added to Trove! If you’ve already met a trophies’ requirements the trophy will unlock on patch day. You may need to change worlds (go through a portal) to cause trophies to unlock.
    • Shadow Towers will now be spawned in their owner's region (EU or NA).
    • The Omni Recipe item now unlocks the White Die and Black Die recipes.
    • The clock tower in the City of Bones shadow dungeon has been updated to make travel and NPC spawning less of a pain.
    • Rally Blade is now more likely to match you with adventuring players (and ignoring AFK ones).
    • Pegasus Wings are now less transparent.
    • Non-tradable Patron Coins and Daily Reward Chests are no longer loot collectable.
    • Radiant Auras no longer disappear when viewed from any angle.
    • The Rascal Raptor, Eggnog, and Baby Punchbot are now in the 'Promo' tab in collections.
    • Removed exploit tied to a combat effect that is granted with the Candy Barbarian class Gem.
    • The Skyfire Crown has moved to the Stash Exclusive category and can now be unlocked using Super Style Stashes.
    • Updated the criteria for the featured club world portals in the hub so that none should ever be empty.
    • 2 new Battle Arena maps have been added to the rotation.
    • Reduced terraforming countdown from 25 to 10 seconds.
    • Kills from spawned allies (Tombraiser's minions, Pirate Captain's "First Mate", Dracolyte’s Burnt Offerings) will now start counting towards the Defeat Enemies stat tracking.
    • The Tech Table Segment recipe is no longer called the Tech Table Corner recipe.
    • Added an internal cooldown to reduce /joinme spamming. This cooldown will prevent players from focused spamming invites at a specific player but won't prevent someone from inviting several friends to join them at once.
    • Due to the number of legendary tomes we've cut the experience required to fill them in half!
    • Since the value of these items are decreasing we have removed non-tradable Class Coin and inventory expander from rare table of daily lockboxes.
    • Revenant Costume - Super Magical now indicates creator in item description.
    • Fixed bug where using Neon Ninja ultimate and basic attack at the same time could crash the client.
    • Fixed bug where Ice Sage's Frozen Ward absorbed damage and was removed for all attacks.
    • Carpet mounts can now glide and it’s a whole new world!
    • Spring plants can now grow! Winter plants no longer grow.
    • Pinatas now correctly drop loot in the Shores of the Everdark
    • Cooldown behavior for abilities when switching worlds will no longer reset to max cooldown time.
    • SFX have returned for invasions and bombs.
    • VFX tied to Gem abilities are cleaned up when switching classes.
    • Experience Boost stat is now called Experience Gain and has a base value of 100 instead of 0. This is for the new Double Experience Potions, so it has a value to double.
    • New Streamer dream allies have been added to Streamer Dream boxes! These are given out by Trion Creators and grant a random reward to whoever claims it.
    • Fixed an issue where the ignore list would sometimes show the wrong name for players.
    • Daughter of the Moon geysers now clean-up after twenty four seconds and no longer persist the entire duration of the fight.
    • Deconstructing Rare, Epic, Relic, and Resplendent Rings now rewards appropriate amounts of Flux based on rarity.
    • Number of charges now stays constant when using an ultimate ability with the Vial of Unleashed Power equipped.
    • Flasks and Emblems now have a brief cooldown when swapped.
    • Improved projectile collision.
    • Panatea the Partifier no longer requires a Party Animal (pinata) to craft.
    • Changing Auras on Stellar gear will now cause it to be non-tradable.

    • Fixed a bug causing a “Timeout” error when linking accounts. You can once again link your console to a Trion Worlds account to receive a sweet reward!
    • Fixed bug where Scintilla, Spark of the Sky didn't provide movement buff to others.
    • Fixed bug where Marketplace comparisons didn't work when Flux was the selling currency.
    • Fix rare crash that occurs when disconnected while entering a different world.
    • Fixed bug where muzzle flash VFX didn't appear when firing mount cannons.
    • Fixed bug where some mount cannons didn't play sounds when firing.
    • Fixed a bug where zoning while mounted could crash you.
    • Fixed bug where Pirate Captain Turret disappeared (but continued to fire) after 10 seconds even if you picked up doubloons.
    • Fixed a disconnect issue related to trading.
    • Fixed a disconnect issue related to NPCs destroying plants grown from seeds.
    • Fixed a bug where the initial rotation of projectiles was slightly inaccurate.
    • Fixed an issue where boss icons in the Shadow Tower UI could disappear for non-English language players.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes icons wouldn't show up in the Trade window.
    • Fixed an issue where particle collisions could create a feedback loop and travel relativistic speeds.
    • Fixed a bug regarding not all parts of the /whisper text being localized.
    • Fixed a few incorrect speed values on assorted sets of wings which were too slow.
    • Fixed an issue in VFX rendering that was causing some crashes.
    • Fixed a crash that could happen on the loading screen.
    • Fixed an issue where particle effects could lead to a client crash.
    • Fixed a bug where players could kick other users out of Club Worlds regardless of rank.
    • Fixes the missing category for Jurassic Jungle under Collections>Crafting>Biome Recipes.
    • Fixed a crash that would sometimes trigger when someone nearby was using the mining laser.
    • Fixed a common crash bug related to the particle system.
    • Fixed a crash triggered by going through portals when on the Dino Tamer ultimate.
    • Fix for a crash that could happen on start up.
    • Fixed a bug where Patron Bonuses could apply twice in some situations.
    • Fix bug in Character sheet where some abilities didn't display or it displayed a previous class's ability.
    • Fix World chat channel being assigned to wrong numbered slot after changing worlds.
    • Fixed a bug with the catalog generator.
    • Club and Officer Chests now show correct text when interacted with.
    • Fixed a bug with the currency display on the Marketplace.
    • Fixed the off-center icons in the Claims UI.
    • Kicking from club worlds should work correctly again, again.
    • A relatively common crash involving using the mining laser has been fixed.
    • Stellar Aura VFX now disappear when you die instead of floating around your tombstone.
    • Fixed projectile targeting in PVP.
    • The level up text for the Chloromancer when reaching level 3 has been fixed.
    • Fixed bug where you couldn't invite non-friends to join you in a world.
    • Fixed underflow bug in club UI.
    • Fixed bug where contest reward progress meter didn't show in Leaderboard UI.
    • Fixed a bug which could cause the intro video to play at the wrong resolution.
    • Fixed z-fighting issue with rendering transparent blocks underwater.
    • Fixed bug where progress could be made toward event objectives before they were active.
    • Fixed an issue with the Loot Collector Buyback Leaderboard.
    • Improved portal interaction when there is loot nearby (this is most especially apparent at the end of dungeons).
    • Fixed bug where the Revenant's Spirit Storm ability and the Candy Barbarian's Scoop n' Gloop Gem ability didn't draw in enemies.
    • Golden Gem Keys and the old Moon Gem and Shadow Gems are now visible in the crafting inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where items could go to the new Currency Inventory but be invisible. Such items will get moved back to your normal Adventure Inventory.
    • Clarified wording on Challenge objectives and some portals.
    • Fixed a client crash that could occur for players switching between classes.
    • Fixed uncommon server crash that could happen when moving Cornerstones.
    • Fixed bug where air current blocks persisted above cornerstone after moving it.
    • Fix for some collection images not showing when unlocked for the first time.
    • Fix for the Ocean Crown dungeon in the Drowned Isles biome having a water layer above the ocean.
    • Fixed issue that could prevent login in certain cases of high network latency.
    • Added code to increase server stability in cases of extreme network instability for some regions.
    • Fixed bug where School of Fish trophies are stackable.
    • Fixed bug where Knight's ultimate VFX didn't appear.
    • Fixed bug where stats weren't set correctly in Battle Arenas without changing your class.
    • Many multi-threading crash and UI fixes.
    • Fix for a rare disconnection bug.
    • Fixed bug where some enemies that are supposed to slow down during attacks do not.
    • Fixed bug where Shadow Hunter appeared to have two bows.
    • Fixed bug where Revenant's Spirit Storm could persist after death.
    • Fixed an issue where the License Agreement sometimes wasn't displayed properly.
    • Fixed Gunslinger Charged Shot to apply decreased descent.
    • Fixed bug where boss abilities triggered too frequently.
    • Fixed some behavior with the Twinkling Tomes and Golden Gem Keys - the tradable versions should appear in the Adventure Inventory, and the non-tradable versions used for crafting and Gem boxes should appear in the Crafting Inventory.
    • Fixed bug where Neon Ninja class Gem shiruken would not deal damage when more than one hit in rapid succession.
    • Fixed bug where killing invaders didn't always reflect in the Killed Invaders stat.
    • Fixed bug where no respawn text was shown after dying in the tutorial.
    • Fixed bug where weapon is sometimes replaced with fishing pole.
    • Fixed inconsistencies in spacing and punctuation for Costume descriptions.
    • Fixed a camera shake that occurred during movement.
    • Fixed bug where some plant tooltips didn't show the season in which they grew.
    • Fixed bug where boss affixes and other abilities triggered too frequently
    • Fix bug where piercing projectiles stop after hitting a target.
    • Fixed improper messaging when the controller was disconnected.

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