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    Trove Livestream Notes 16/06/2017

    Trove Livestream Notes 16/06/2017

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    Note:This week's thread was requested by a couple of trove players as the Q&A segment hadn't been answered before stream.

    Megalithic date hasn't been revealed but it will be "round the corner"
    Dino attack event will go live as the first event on simultaneous platforms once it hits.

    Shadow Hydrakken was shown off as one of the new shadow tower bosses. A predominately ranged based boss that fires acid projectiles towards the players from each head and they can also spawn snake type minions. Was suggested you may need more than 1 tank for the fight.

    Clownish Kicker developer ally shown off as a new item you can only win via the dev livestreams. The plan is to possibly have an ally for each developer. This one being Morticus' ally.

    Fae Trickster rework discussed: Improved DPS, New class gem available which allows you to take another additional damage hit before your DPS buff goes. Similar to a cubic curtain ability.
    Glitter bomb plan is to have an increased radius and a stun.
    Next to look at will be the Knight.

    Yabaki the Shadow Ganda revealed to have been changed to now have an effect unlike the leaked one shown way back. Similar to how Ganda creates blocks beneath it, the plan is for Yabaki to destroy blocks at an alarming rate. The blocks wont go into inventory, as they'd be vaporised to the shadows.

    Questions and Answers Session

    Will the megalithic update be a catch-up completely about console or will PC get something when it goes live?
    There will be quality of life changes, new events and login reward changes.

    Can we get credit pouches instead of straight credits for trove creation rewards?
    Were going to stick to credit rewards as a personal thank you, as it would add a whole new layer of complexity.

    Obsidian total days login badge bugfix?
    We have to focus on megalithic right now, we know its annoying and it will be fixed after.

    We've had previous crossover events, any possibility of a crossover event with Atlas Reactor, Archeage, or Devilian?
    Its possible, we have Lil PuP from Atlas but in the case of Devilian it would be more difficult as its not a Trion developed game.Wouldnt be Trove appropriate if Devilian.

    Can we get a better source for pearls? Maybe sell them for fragments of wonder to improve accessibility but make them still hard to get?
    We can look into additional ways but they should be hard to get.

    Whats the deal with mods for Xbox. must be a plan for these?

    Its more complex than mods for the PC so no plans in the short term.

    Will there be new items added to the shadow market?
    Shadow tower rewards will be completely redefined, cant provide the details just yet.

    Another meet up planned for PAX West?
    Yes, its on the table.

    At the moment 2 random classes get picked for challenges and it doesn't feel worth doing if its not your main.To speed it up can you remove the RNG factor?
    Considering a variety of changes to challenges, team have talked about and improvements, though its not top priority, it has been looked at.

    That ends this weeks notes so i hope the information helps. Enjoy your gaming !

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    I added the YT video to the OP. I'm editing the video to remove the 4 minutes of nothing at the front so it should be gone in the next hour or so.
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    in a bottle
    Thanks again Shiro!

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    however, you missed a question regarding the shadowy merchant.
    I can't remember exactly what was said, however, if it could be added it'd be pretty swell.

    thanks for keeping the community up to date, Shiro!

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    Please no mastery on the dev allies.

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    Unfortunately, adding a second hit to take off Fae's increased damage won't help at all. The problem is that the Fae's enhanced damage is just bad. It only hits a single target and does absolutely no dps compared to other classes. Adding a second hit before the damage buff goes will not help the class' ability to function as a viable dps. Glitter bomb change won't help either. If stuns were godsends, then the Knight would be a shining star. He's not. So unless that "Improved DPS" is through the roof levels of improved, it's gonna be like going to school with a new haircut. You'll only get noticed for a day and then forgotten the next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bsin View Post
    Please no mastery on the dev allies.
    at 25:16, it shows the devs ally is under promo section with no mastery.

    Thanks Shiro and Fasti.

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    Honestly, the extra hit on new Fae class gem sounds pretty underwhelming or even useless if you got hit by Lava DoTs, unless it has some other effects that is not yet revealed.

    Stun on bomb is a welcome change though vortex effect is probably better for gathering and killing mobs in general.

    Also thanks Shiro and Fasti!

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    Unless the Fae dps buff can out-dps current top classes or at leas match them it will still be another low tier class gathering dust in the bottom.
    Also:"the plan is for Yabaki to destroy blocks at an alarming rate"
    PLS no this will be cancer.

    Or at least make it no applayable to dungeon blocks.

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    Top kek
    Thanks a lot shiro!

    Also pufferfish ally for twixler? :soontm:

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