hello everybody,
every mmo needs some sincs (flux,..). The costumes and mounts are a great way to do that and so are the tow's etc. But nowadays the amount of tow's opened a day make it so we have tons of those items and fragments. This is due to the amount of flux getting into the economy.
But how does the flux get into the economy well i believe that most of the flux come from titan treasure, there are people with over 300-500 alts using vpn and proxies ofc getting thousands of titan treasures every week giving them more then 15m flux a week. And what do they do with that flux well they buy tow's giving this massive influx in what should be rare items. Now what would be great is if we could get rid of those alts or limit them to 3 alts/player, but you know this game we won't do it the right way.
So here is my suggestion, remove fragments of wonders out of the drop table and make it so when you deconstruct the mounts you get fragments. But everyone has all the items so why would we want fragments? Well make it so players can get a private world, a small boost like +15 movement speed or +10 attack speed for an hour for fragments of wonder.