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    Ladybug Invasion instead of all bonuses active

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    I stayed up until reset (4 am PST) just so I could get a head start on farming for all bonus week, only to find that Ladybug Invasions are this week, even though it was never shown on the welcome screen.

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    I'm hoping the dev's made a mistake and they'll fix it. I persuaded a friend to start playing again and had him pop his patron pass a few days ago for this

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    haha is this for real?

    I can understand they want it to be a surprise so not have it announced weeks early, but take away that weekly bonus? Why not announce a weekly bonus not that impressive in the first place then, like the +10 jump? Unless it was their intention to dissapoint people instead of present them with a nice surprise

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    I was thinking it would be all bonuses active this week, lol.
    I woke up to nothing interesting.
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    I'm also quite disappointed. There are also now TWO full week bonuses in the "Coming Soon" area.... I think something got messed up.
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    Well it is just "coming soon"...

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    What is the reason for changing the weekly quest of all active bonuses, by Ladybug Invasion ??
    Why is it done without warning? Many people activated the pattern this week exclusively for all active bonuses, wasting the pattern "hunting ladybugs".
    Should not you notify these changes so that people decide if they want to spend their money on this or wait ??
    Are not you even going to respect what you put into the game?

    It seems that this is the "new stage of trove": doing things without warning ...

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    Hey all,

    The Ladybug Invasion was always planned to start today but due to an error it was not properly displayed as "coming soon." That error has now been fixed and we're rolling out a hotfix to update the welcome screen so it's not displaying the duplicate version of the bonus week.

    All bonuses will be active on all platforms, as intended, starting next Tuesday (June 20th). Sorry for the confusion this caused.
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