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    Few questions, sorry if already asked i didn't find the answers.

    1) when the gem reroll will out ?

    2) Can we know more about gem reroll, like all stats can will be reroll or just some ? and reroll is limited or not ? (like just X reroll by gem)

    3) With all new content like new Shadow Tower etc..., Do we have to expect more than the stellar rarity for stuff and/or gem ?

    4) Can you remember me when the next big update goes out on PC ? ( Don't need the exact day if you can't tell it, just approx like month)

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    - Is there a cut off to magic find triggering? Because sometimes max magic find doesnt seem to be as good.

    - Can we get some new Legendary Tomes?

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    I don't think I posted this in the last question thread, but it's something worth mentioning...

    Will the 2 new Shadow Titans have exclusive drops like the other Titans?

    Here's are drawings/screenshots of what I mean:

    Ignore my quick drawn shadow titans... I was too lazy to get screenshots of the titans...

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    We've got answers to some of the questions for the livestream. Rick won't be available this week so we'll get answers for more questions here in the thread if at all possible next week.

    Thanks all!
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