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Thread: Please post any and al suggestions from the community to improve trove for consoles !

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    Please post any and al suggestions from the community to improve trove for consoles !

    As the topic suggests I'd like the console community of
    Trove to post any necessary or suggested improvements that the console versions of Trove desperately needs .(also it's a typo in the title al is suppose to be all my laptop is old...)

    Here's 25 of my own suggestions feel free to post your own! Just please keep it friendly & helpful:

    1 Disconnects find the source make it end.

    2 Lag and frame rate drops fix this asap.

    3 a solid method to rejoin shadow towers if disconnected or kicked to the hub why this wasn't in the game since day one is beyond me just make it happen please.

    4 the fire sound FX lag needs to be fixed honestly it's just very annoying to everyone even the devs

    5 plummeting to one's doom in sky realm or cursed sky realm again due to lag is NOT fun, fix it

    6 add a karma bar to empowered and stellar empowered gem boxes

    7 add a method to unlock the refer a friend allies for consoles

    8 give a rework to the knight class he's too lazily done no heroic vibe from the little fella

    9 add in an event specific hub, make it look like a qubely style town or kingdom

    10 More combat Allies Qubar the Barbarian grants 20% physical dmg and 20% energy regen He will occasionally dmg enemies spawning a gum drop (he slashes with dual swords and dmg is based off physical dmg of player)
    or Knight Commander Quba she will occasionally slash enemies dealing 10% magic and 10% physical dmg and granting +1% life steal for 3 seconds

    11 more interactive NPCS

    12 open world towns and kingdoms that we can interact with

    13 bounties and factions

    14 story mode

    15 open world mounts we can ride

    16 interactive recipies such as doors we can open and close

    17 steampunk class

    18 mounts aside from dragons that grant stat bonuses

    19 community generated events such as repel the attack on the hub force back the massive invader army and their general raid ! or defend qubely town tower defense

    20 group vehicles and party based bonuses and perks.

    21 2nd ring, 2 bracelets, necklace and keychain equipment to add more towards builds.

    22 level 30 costumes and level 30 party perk bonuses

    23 purchasable $5 and $10 bundles and $10 dollar credit packs of 1650 credits

    24 a unique merchant that sells rare items in the hub on weekends (think barro or xur from destiny or Warframe)

    25 weapon and costume set that's unlockable via cubits & a mastery costume set.

    these are 25 of my own suggestions to improve Trove on consoles now I'd like to hear YOURS please post your ideas so that the devs can see and review them thank you and keep building Trovians and deleting the shadowy forces of evil!

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    Clan wars

    End game players need PVP and the best and most fun way to do it is via Clan wars where you fight against other clans. Simple the current pvp in trove is an absolute joke.

    It will also give people incentive to get to end game.

    Fighting for your clan and rewards will be much more appealing than fighting for crappy mounts that take 3.7 years to get.

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