A. Shadow Hunter
the class gem grants 400% attack speed this does not include equipped gear
the cap for attack speed for most if not all characters is 300%
this is a major problem this issue literally means the Shadow Hunter is physically unable to gain the full affect of their class gem ability At All this is an issue that needs immediate addressing

B. Revenant
The stacking damage effect from the class gem suffers two issues
A. the ability doesn't proc. 95% of the time
B. the damage does NOT stack like it says nor does it do the damage proportional to your maximum health like it's suppose and healing from the shield bash isn't sufficient either

C. Candy Barbarian
whenever the Candy Barbarian jumps moving the camera around sometimes causes the Barbarian to deviate mid descent to a random location then reappear where the C.B. was suppose to land this happens often more frequently in shadow towers

D. Tomb Raiser
Banshee's duration is far too short and the healing does NOT scale with the difficulty of the world plus being unable to heal Banshee isn't helpful at all

E. Lunar Lancer
the duration of the Lunar Lancer "Clone/Copy" is too short it either need to last until death or have the duration increased or have it occur more often

F. Dracolyte
suffers from the same issue as Lancer duration and summoning occurrence

G.Boom Ranger
this one is more of a suggestion, add two more chickens to the Bawk-bomb

Fae Trickster
H. Everything is wrong with this little one's class gem.

Ice Sage
I. is fine maybe increase the center ice shard from the 3 round burst, increase it's diameter

J. the shoulder armor cuts off on costumes and when the class gem is used the plant's that shoot out aren't very apparent when they need to be

K. Mount Attacks do not scale with the difficulty of the occupied world,
10k damage from a dragon fireball or turtle tank's cannon literally does nothing in anything above U4 or U5 it's like stabbing a giant with a pin ,didn't work.
Devs Please address these issues thank you