I'm not exactly new to Trove, but I've never made a post on here, so well, here we go.

Hi guys, I'm Edwynn, or Gaerith in game! I'm a pretty big fan of this game, having found myself lost for hours in it and having a blast! I recently made a new account to try and see how far I'll go without paying for anything you can get without money, and only buying "aesthetic" stuff on the marketplace if I have something of equal strength (IE, wings once I get the wings with mastery of the same tier, or mounts once I get mounts of equal speed.)

I probably will still cave and buy some stuff like Aesthetics and Patron, once I get paid again, because I really want to support this game I've greatly enjoyed so far! It's like if Cubeworld ever got the attention it deserved, considering I loved that game so many years ago.

Anyway! This is my little introduction, and I look forward to interacting with some of you! Hit me up in game if I'm online, I'm Gaerith, as I said before!